The Bazaar of Bad Dreams

The Bazaar of Bad Dreams

I’ve been reading Stephen King since the mid 1970’s. Wow. His novels drew me in even though it always seemed like he was paid by the word because many of his novels, like “Insomnia,” kind of veered off into some strange place that added an additional 100 pages to it. Let’s face it, sometimes less is best and King is best when he writes less.

“The Bazaar of Bad Dreams” is his latest book of short stories where, in my opinion, King excels. He restricts himself to just enough words to tell the story and that’s what the reader gets, a good story that tells its tale without using 4 million words.

Hey, don’t get me wrong, you’ll have your fill of Stephen King here with the book running over 500 pages. Lots of stories with lots of topics: Blockade Billy (Baseball); Summer Thunder (Dystopia); The Dune (Horror), Ur (Kindle), and 17 other stories.

Yeah, I liked this book and I like Stephen King. I like how he adds himself and little bits of his other books into his some of his short stories and other novels. Not only that, but hes a good writer, a damn good writer.

Not everyone likes King, okay, each to his own, but if you like him and can appreciate a truly good story teller give “The Bazaar of Bad Dreams” a try, and make sure to read his little introduction before each story, you miss a lot if you skip them.