Well, this is book three of the Liss MaCrimmon Mystery Series. I’ve read quite a few of them, not in order but that doesn’t really matter. Each book fills you in what you need to know.

Liss MaCrimmon was in a dancer in a Scottish dance company. She destroyed her knee and had to leave the company and move back to her home town of Moosetookalook, Maine. Liss ends up working in her aunt’s store, the Scottish Emporium and starts dating her high school friend, Dan Ruskin. Sheri, Liss’ best friend,  happens to be a police officer in Moosetookalook as is Sherri’s soon to be husband, Pete. It helps when you have two friends who work in the police department. That’s all the background you need to know for every book in the series.

Okay, in “A Wee Christmas Homicide” Christmas is just around the bend and there aren’t many tourists visiting Moosetookalook. The economy is slow and there’s no snow in the area for skiers and the store owners are suffering.

The latest craze in the toy industry is Tiny Teddies. Think the Cabbage Patch Doll craze back in the 80’s. Well, Tiny Teddies have been sold out all over the country except in Moosetookalook, Maine. It’s the only place where the toy can be found and Liss has a plan to get the Teddy lovers to her town. She makes big plans for a Christmas Pageant that will last 12 days. Each day will be represented by the song, “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”

Liss makes sure all of the US knows that Moosetookalook is the only place that has the toys. Soon people come flocking in for the Teddies and to see the Pageant – well, mostly for the Teddies.

Anyway, the owner of one of the stores that’s selling the bears is murdered. I would want to kill him too for wanting to sell the bears for over $100. Actually, I wouldn’t even consider buying one.

So, the questions are: who killed the store owner and why? Did the murderer want the bears? Was the murderer angry that they toys were so expensive? Or maybe he was killed because he was a creep and not really liked.

Not trusting the police to find the bad guy, Liss decides to investigate herself. Why? Well, that’s what Liss does in this series.

Boyfriend Dan tells her to mind her own business, like that’s ever going to happen. Cops Sherri and Pete tell her to mind her own business and the state investigator, who happens to be Liss’ other boyfriend, tells her not to investigate. But does she listen to them? Hardly, because Liss Knows Best. That’s the thing that sours the series for me.

Every cozy’s protagonist investigates some murder after being told not to but Liss rubs me the wrong way. She’s a little too much of a know-it-all. But I read the books anyway and will continue to read them because the stories are good and I learn a little about the Scottish culture.

“A Wee Christmas Homicide” is a fast moving book that any cozy-lover will enjoy. As for Liss, well, like all the other characters in the series, I just roll my eyes and let her do what she wants because Liss Knows Best.


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