What can I say about Janet Evanovich’s latest Stephanie Plum novel, “Tricky Twenty-Two?” Let’s see. Well, mostly, it’s very similar to the previous 21 books in this popular series.

Stephanie is a bounty hunter living in New Jersey. Is she a good bounty hunter? Well, not really. She needs a lot of help bringing in her “failure to appear” defendants and is pretty lucky she hasn’t been killed on more than one occasion. Make that on more than 50 occasions.

She works for her cousin Vinny which is why she still has her job. Ex prostitute, Lula, is still her cohort, and Stephanie is still attracted to two men: security expert Ranger and long-time boyfriend Joe Morrelli.

In this book Stephanie and Lula get involved with a Kitman College fraternity brother, Ken Globovic (Gobbles), who missed his court date after being arrested for beating up the Dean of Students.

Stephanie is sure something strange is going on at the college especially when staff members are turning up dead. Gobbles convinces her that he didn’t hurt the Dean and he, along with his girlfriend, and Lula, help Stephanie figure out what’s really happening at the school.

Fans of the series know that Stephanie and Lula always need help from Joe and Ranger. Stephanie’s car is blown up again, Ranger gives her a new car that is destroyed within ten minutes, and she ends up using her grandmother’s car. Sounds familiar? It should because this happens in every book.

And Grandma Mazur is still going to every funeral with her loaded gun in her purse ready for use. Grandma also gets Stephanie in to some trouble when she joins an online dating site and uses Stephanie’s picture to lure in men.

Look, the only difference in any of these novels is who Stephanie is after as a bounty hunter. Everything else is the same including our protagonist’s love life with both Joe and Ranger. Nothing really changes in the series.

Having said all of that, I’ll admit that I liked “Tricky Twenty-Two.” I liked every book about Stephanie, her family, job, and love-life. All twenty-two of them. They’re funny, easy to read, have no great surprises, and they’re comfortable. I would like it if author Janet Evanovich would let us know if Stephanie will end up with Joe because fans know that Ranger is not the marrying kind.

All in all, I’ll keep reading this series as fast and as they’re written. I don’t expect much except for a few hours of laughs and friendly familiar characters.

Hardcover, 292 pages
Published November 17th 2015 by Bantam
ISBN 0345542967 (ISBN13: 9780345542960)
Edition Language English
Series  Stephanie Plum #22

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