I wouldn’t say that I was a lucky person in fact I’d say the complete opposite. But every so often Lady Luck forgets what she’s doing and throws some good stuff my way. In this case I was lucky enough to win a copy of “The Grownup” by Gillian Flynn from Crown Publishers.

The reason why I say I’m lucky is because if I saw this book at a store or even at the library I might look to see what it was about and then walk on by. It’s described as being a “classic ghost story” and ghost stories frighten me. But the book was free, and it only has 64 pages, and it was is in my hot little hands so I figured I’d read it and if I got too scared I’d pawn it off to my cousin, not that she likes ghost stories either.

So with great fear and trepidation I opened the book and met some strange and different characters.

The narrator works at a Psychic’s shop where she’s one of a few psychics who “tells the future” of bored ladies who like to “lunch.” In the back of the shop she, umm, relieves men from some of their daily frustrations. But she makes sure that the readers know that she is not a prostitute. She doesn’t go all the way. Please don’t make me describe things any further, you get the picture. But the narrator is a positive type of gal and knows that her so far horrible life will shortly get better. Maybe she is a psychic.

On a dreary April day Susan Burke walks into the shop. Susan is obviously a very rich, bored housewife who has a unique problem. She believes her house is haunted and that her stepson might be possessed by the evil living in their home.

Susan asks the psychic if she can go to the house and rid the premises and her possessed stepson of the evil. Our psychic, seeing money signs flashing in front of her eyes, tells Susan that she’s sure she can help and visits the large manor where Susan’s family, and the mean spirits, live. The only problem is that there is definitely something a little “off” with the house. Could the house really be haunted and is the stepson’s possession the reason why he acts the way he does? Our psychic isn’t sure about that but she is sure of one thing – she’s sure she can get a lot of money from Susan by “solving” the problem. And as for the evil spirits, what good “psychic” worth her weight is afraid of some mean spirited spirits?

“The Grownup” held my attention from the very start and I read it in one day. Okay, reading 64 pages in one day is no great feat but I finished it in one sitting, no television in between chapters.

Author, Gillian Flynn, introduces us to some good characters who constantly keep readers wondering if each individual character is bad or good. One moment you like them and the next you’re not so sure.

I liked the novel, I liked the twists running all through it, and I especially like an author who can give their readers so much story in a short novella.

Like I said, if the publisher hadn’t sent me a copy of the book I would never have read it and that would have been my loss.

Hardcover, 64 pages

Published November 3rd 2015 by Crown (first published October 27th 2015)

Original Title The Grownup

ISBN 0804188971 (ISBN13: 9780804188975)

Edition Language English


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