If you read Liu Cixin’s first book in this trilogy series, “The Three-Body Problem,” then you know you’ll have to read the second novel, “The Dark Forest.”

In the first book Earth discovers that in 400 years there will be an alien invasion. Another world from a different solar system is on its way to take over Earth and destroy humankind.

“The Dark Forest” tells readers how the people of Earth are dealing with the soon-to-be Trisolaris invasion. The aliens might not arrive for another 400 years but Earth has to come up with a plan to stop them and they have to think of a plan now. The problem is that Trisolaris can hear and read everything that every Earthling says or writes by using sophons, the subatomic particles that allow Trisolaris instant access to all human information. But the Trisolaris can’t read human minds and that is how Earth will find a way to defend itself.

The plan Earth leaders come up with is called The Wallfacers Project. It consists of  four men from different countries who will “think” of the way to defeat the Trisolaris. The Wallfacers are given everything they ask for without having to explain anything to anyone. All this power goes to some of their heads and leads to even more and worse problems.

But the Trisolaris aren’t afraid of the Wallfacers except for one, Luo Ji, a Chinese astronomer and sociologist. All anyone knows is that the Trisolaris want to kill Luo Ji for some reason. Even Luo Ji doesn’t  understand why the aliens fear him so much.

I’m a fan of science fiction especially the ones that have Earth being invaded by another planet and the Tri-Body series fits the bill. The story line was wonderful and entertaining enough to hold my interest even with all the technical jargon. A lot of the scientific stuff went over my head but for those of you who wonder about the science of how the Earth planned to defend itself you’ll like it. As for myself, I take the author’s word on the science and there’s no reason to explain it all. Not, that I’m saying I skipped these areas, I just didn’t study them.

“The Dark Forest” is a wonderful book and worth taking the time to read all 500 plus pager. The last novel in the series, “Death’s End” will be out in August, 20016.

Hardcover, 512 pages

Published August 11th 2015 by Tor Books (first published May 2008)

Original Title 黑暗森林

ISBN 076537708X (ISBN13: 9780765377081)

Edition Language English

Series Three Body #2


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