In this 6th installment of the Mattie Winston Mystery Series Mattie, a Deputy Coroner of Sorenson, Wisconsin is going through quite a lot. Her on again/off again relationship with the hunky police detective Steve Hurley is still on again and off again; Hurley’s newly discovered teenage daughter, Emily, is acting just like a teen; Mattie’s father, whom she hasn’t seen in decades seems to be stalking her; a new beautiful police videographer wants Hurley’s attentions; someone is out to kill Mattie yet again; and Mattie is pregnant with Hurley’s child. No wonder she’s seeing a psychiatrist to try get her life back on track.

And Mattie also has to work. Someone’s got to support her baby who is due soon and Mattie isn’t sure how Hurley feels about becoming a daddy again.

Popular math school teacher, Derrick Ames is found murdered in his home with a barbecue fork. Derrick has been separated from his wife and two sons for a while and now has a girlfriend. In fact, Derrick’s soon to be ex wife has a girlfriend too. But who wants Derrick dead? His ex wife? She has no reason to want to see him dead and neither does Derrick’s girlfriend. The only possible murderer is Derrick’s oldest son, Jacob.

Jacob sneaks out of his bedroom window to see his father hoping to persuade him to go back to his family. But when Jacob goes into his dad’s home he sees daddy in a compromising position with the new girlfriend. Jacob leaves only to return later where he argues with his father. They get into a scuffle and Jacob leaves.

The police are sure that Jacob killed his father. They have a video as proof and Jacob is arrested. But Mattie doesn’t believe that Jacob is a murderer and tries her best to find out who really did the deed and why.

The Mattie Winston cozy series is really good. The characters are interesting and readers can get very involved with them. Most of the characters have cute little quirks like Mattie’s mom who is dying from a different disease every day. She’s a little bit of a hypochondriac. Mattie’s sister, Desi, is doing her best to bring up two kids and a husband, and of course Mattie has a dog and couple of cats to keep an eye one. I won’t even start with the constant problems she has with her relationship with Detective Steve Hurley.

I’ve read every book in the series and enjoyed every moment of it. The mysteries are always good with a nice twisty ending and it’s nice to discover what the recurring characters are up to.

“Stiff Penalty” is a well written cozy to spend some time with. Nothing violent and it’s easy to read and to get involved in the story. Every book in the series is a gem. Have fun with it and sit back and enjoy a good novel.

Kindle Edition, 368 pages

Published February 24th 2015 by Kensington Books


Edition Language English

Series Mattie Winston Mysteries #6   


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