Thank goodness not everyone is as lucky as Emma Whitecastle, if you consider what she can do lucky. Emma can see, hear, and speak to ghosts. It’s a family trait since her mom can hear ghosts but not see them, or so she says. Emma wonders how true it is that her mom can only hear them. Emma also thinks her daughter, Emily, who’s in college, has the family gift as well but Emily has neither confirmed nor denied it.

Mostly Emma lives a nice life. She spends part of her time living with her boyfriend and part of the time living with her parents and working on a television series that’s about ghosts. The only little problem she has is with Granny Apples, her great, great, great, great, grandmother who was hanged years ago when the townsfolk thought she killed her husband, Jacob. Emma helped clear Granny Apples’ name and Granny has been popping in and out of Emma’s life ever since.

In this third of the Granny Apples series a very angry spirit, Addy, sets up shop in a piece of jewelry, a diamond ring, and is forcing whomever wears the ring to kill themselves. This take a personal turn with Emma when her daughter Emily’s childhood friend tried to kill herself three times.

Emma and Granny Apples find themselves in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania investigating why mean spirited Addy wants to kill people. Helping Emma and Granny are a ghostly crew of Molly Maguires who were thrown into jail back in their time for trumped up charges. The Molly Maguires know Addy and try to persuade her to go to the light and leave the living alone but Addy has her reasons for the anger she feels and wants revenge.

I’ve read all the books in the Granny Apples series and while most of them are rather light hearted “Gem of a Ghost” has more substance to it. In the previous books the ghosts Emma meets and helps have a certain sadness to them but in this book I was torn between actually not liking Addy and then kind of understanding what she was going through and what she felt as a ghost. Addy is the first ghost that author Sue Ann Jafarian gave some credence to. “Gem of a Ghost” is also the best in the series.

Yes, there are some cute moments in it when Emma wonders if she should date other men than just her boyfriend, and Granny is of course putting her two cents in all the time, and readers finally meet Granny’s husband Jacob as the couple rock in their rocking chairs on the porch.

There’s a lot more to this book than the previous ones, maybe it’s even a little scarier because Addy is the first really vengeful ghost that we’ve me.

Look, “Gem of a Ghost” is not going to keep you up at night hiding from shadows because you think Addy is coming for you but it will keep you up wondering about the past and how the Irish were treated back in the late 1800’s. And you get to learn a little something about the Molly Maguires too.

This is one good cozy and I enjoyed reading it.

Paperback, 307 pages

Published February 8th 2012 by Midnight Ink (first published February 1st 2012)

ISBN 0738713813 (ISBN13: 9780738713816)

Edition Language English

Series: A Ghost of Granny Apples Mystery #3

Characters: Granny Apples (Ghost), Emma Whitecastle



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