Krissy Hancock and her friend Vicki decide to leave California and move to a small town where they open a coffee/book shop called Death by Coffee. Vicki loves the name of the store but Krissy isn’t thrilled with it especially when the first day they open and Brandon Lawyer nastily buys a cup of joe. He sits at a table and immediately gets a phone call from his realty office across the street. Brandon growls some, grabs his java, and rushes to work.

Before too long ambulances are pulling in front of Brandon’s realty firm and the EMS are taking out a body. Brandon Lawyer is dead. He was severely allergic to peanuts and somehow peanut dust was found in his coffee and Brandon didn’t have his epipen.

This is all too much for Krissy. Peanut dust in the coffee she gave him? Impossible. After checking all over the store Krissy is sure that there are no peanuts, dust or otherwise anywhere in the vicinity but she feels guilty just the same. Did her coffee kill the realtor? Well, she’ll just have to investigate and find out who the killer is because she knows that neither she nor her coffee did the deed.

Krissy knows a thing or two about investigating murders. She’s an expert. Her father is a very famous mystery writer and she watches a lot of television crime shows. Who needs the police when Krissy has that kind of background in solving murders? Of course, it would be nice if Officer Paul Dalton gave her a hand. He does have those cute dimples and awesome abs and his mom is the Chief of Police who would like Krissy and Paul to “hook up.” What could possibly go wrong? Only everything.

Krissy is a bit annoying until you get used to her. She’s plagued with guilt believing her coffee killed Brandon even though luscious Officer Paul told her that the police knew she didn’t add any peanut dust to the coffee. But there’s just something about a mystery that propels Krissy to want solve the crime.

It’s just lucky for Krissy that Vickie, co owner of the coffee shop, doesn’t mind being left alone to tend the establishment while Krissy investigates. Of course that’s because no one is really coming into the shop to buy coffee. Both owners are a little concerned that they might have to close the doors if business doesn’t pick up soon. And that doesn’t look like it will happen anytime in the near future since word has gotten out that their coffee killed Brandon.

“Death by Coffee” is a author Alex Erickson’s first in the Bookstore Cafe Mystery Series and of course I enjoyed it. I love cozies.

The small town is filled with quirky characters that all good cozies need and readers will have a good time meeting.

This series’ first book is a good one and I’m looking forward to reading the next, “Death by Tea.”

Like all good cozies there are no gruesome death scenes, some good laughs, two crazy cats to go along with the two crazy owners of the coffee shop and an interesting murder. The Bookstore Cafe Mystery Series  has all the makings of a long, ongoing run.

Paperback, 320 pages

Published May 26th 2015 by Kensington

ISBN 1617737518 (ISBN13: 9781617737510)

Series  Bookstore Cafe Mystery #1    


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