Life was going well for bakery owner and amateur sleuth Sally Muccio. She’s been divorced from her low life, cheating, ex husband, Colin, for a few months and she’s now back in snowy Buffalo, New York with her old boyfriend, Mike.

Sally and Mike talk about living together and possibly getting married and having kids in the near future but Sally is happy with the way things are now and doesn’t want to rush into another marriage. Of course Mike is nothing like her ex Colin but Sally wants to wait a little while before she walks down the aisle for a second time.

Her new bakery is doing well with Sally’s best friend Josie working as the head baker. Josie also got them into a big baking competition in Florida with the winning prize of $20,000, what could possibly go wrong? Only everything.

Out of nowhere Sally’s ex, Colin returns to Buffalo from Florida and tells her that it was his idea to open the bakery and she owes him money for that. Colin had nothing to do with the new business and it was opened after their divorce so Sally is sure Colin does not have a vested interest.

But when Josie, her husband, Sally, and Mike are out celebrating Josie’s birthday at a local bar, a drunk Colin comes in and physically hurts Sally. The police are called but boyfriend Mike is very angry. That night he leaves his apartment while Sally is asleep and comes back a few hours later.

In the morning everyone in Buffalo finds out that Sally’s ex, Colin, was found murdered in his hotel room and Mike’s fingerprints are all over. Mike is arrested for Colin’s murder and is soon let out on bail. But instead of staying put he leaves Buffalo with a text message to Sally saying that he needs to be alone. And that is the last anyone hears from him.

When Sally and Josie go to Florida for the baking competition they also do some investigating during their free time and they find out a lot about Colin. Not only was he cheating on Sally when they were married but he was also cheating on the women he was cheating with. Colin also had a drug problem and owed a lot of money to mobsters who want Sally to pay back the debt now that Colin is dead.

Things are getting complicated. Sally is trying to hide the fact that Mike left Buffalo and she’s also trying to avoid the romantic advances of not only a policeman but Colin’s best friend. That, along with keeping an eye open for the mobsters who are threatening her it’s getting harder and harder to figure out what to do or how she feels. And there is that baking competition that she and Josie need to win.

Did Mike really kill Colin or is someone trying to frame him? Sally is sure that Mike is innocent but she has to prove it to the police and to the rest of Buffalo and especially to Colin’s not so nice family.

I love a good cozy and this is one of them. The characters are great especially Sally’s grandmother who is the backbone of not only Sally’s family but all of her friends as well.

Sally’s parents embarrass her all the time by their constant public displays of affection and also because her 50 plus year old mom dresses like a 20 year-old with men ogling her and Sally’s dad walks around in shorts with sandals while wearing socks. 

Sally’s ever suffering younger sister lives with her parents and grandmother while helping out at the bakery and studying for her law test.

The part I liked the best was the story line and the fact that I didn’t figure out who the killer was until I was almost at the end of the book.

“Baked to Death” is Catherine Bruns second book in her Cookies & Chance Mystery Series. I enjoyed this second story so much that now I’ll have to read the first.

If you enjoy a nice cozy this series is for you. Oh, and lots of recipes included at the end. Nothing like some good recipes to round out a book about a bakery.


Edition Language: English

Series: Cookies & Chance Mystery #2



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