Giveaway and Review of Devonshire Scream By Laura Childs

Giveaway and Review of Devonshire Scream By Laura Childs


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Theodosia Browning, owner of the Indigo Tea Shop in Charleston, South Carolina is after some jewelry robbers in the 17th installment of this series by author, Laura Childs.

During a high class show at Heart’s Desire Jewelry, thieves ram the store window with their car, steal the very expensive gems, and take off leaving Theo, Brooke who owns of the jewelry store, and other guests visibly shaken and terrified. Worse yet, Brooke’s niece was killed by a shard of glass making the incident a murder case too.

Brooke pleads with Theo to help find the thieves/murderers and put them where they belong, in jail. Theo isn’t thrilled to get involved with another crime but she can’t turn down her good friend.

Before Theo knows it the FBI becomes involved and they think that the crime was executed by international jewelry thieves but Theo doesn’t believe that. She’s been investigating, of course, and has some questions about a few people living in the community. Any one of them could be the jewel thief even the friends of the people who work in her tea shop. There seems to be evidence to prove any of them stole the gems and killed Brooke’s niece. But who, and why? This not going to be an easy case to solve.

Author Laura Childs of “Devonshire Scream” gives her fans another terrific cozy in this marvelous series. The action starts right away and doesn’t stop until the book ends with a real heart thumping rescue. Okay. I’ll admit it, I actually skipped words as I was reading the final scenes because of the excitement. I felt that if I stopped I’d miss something.

Theo appears to be a proper, gently southern lady selling tea and scones in her shop but we know that there’s a lot of spice to her character. She’s not afraid of any one, well, she might be but would never admit it out loud. She stares down the best of them at any time. A great character to admire.

To say that I really enjoy this series would be an understatement. In fact, I enjoy all of Laura Childs’ series. I’ve been reading them for years. Laura has a unique way of writing that really pulls readers into her books.

Set in South Carolina readers might feel that life is slow but once you read even one book in this series you’ll realize how wrong you are.

Cozy up with some tea and a scone yourself and read “Devonshire Scream.” Just be warned that you might be up all night. But that’s what makes a book great.

Recipes and tea time tips included.

Hardcover, 320 pages
Expected publication: March 1st 2016 by Berkley
ISBN 0425281663 (ISBN13: 9780425281666)
Edition Language English
Series A Tea Shop Mystery #17


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On Monday, February 29 Read My Review of “Devonshire Scream” by Laura Childs and Win a Copy

On Monday, February 29 Read My Review of “Devonshire Scream” by Laura Childs and Win a Copy

Check out my blog on Monday, February 29. I’ll be posting my review of “Devonshire Scream” by Laura Childs. Post under the review and tell me why you’d like to win a copy of it. On Friday, March 4 two lucky people will be chosen to win a copy of the book. Laura will autograph each copy and send it out to you.

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Killer Run by Lynn Cahoon

Killer Run by Lynn Cahoon

Would you run a race for a good cause? Jill Gardner, owner of Coffee, Books, and More in South Cove, California has agreed to sponsor a 5k race for a preservation society. She somehow got all her friends and her boyfriend, lead detective of the police department, Greg King, involved. Even her Aunt Jackie and her boyfriend Josh, who weighs close to 400 pounds, will be walking the 5k route for this charitable event.

But like most things in Jill’s life not everything is predictable except for the fact that Jill will discover a dead body and will end up investigating which is exactly what happens.

The dead woman is the wife of the husband and wife team hired to promote the race. Jill met the woman once and didn’t care for her very much but that didn’t mean that she wanted the woman murdered. But somebody wanted to see her die, but who?

Jill decides to investigate even though boyfriend, Greg, has once again told her to let his department find out who the murderer is. But Jill doesn’t have much else to do for the next week. She and Greg were scheduled to go on an Alaskan cruise as a vacation but they had to cancel their vacation plans with this new murder.

Jill does have a full plate during her vacation week even if the trip was postponed for a little while. She wants to fix up her guest bedroom, and of course read books, and Greg asked her to see if she could get a refund for their cruise from Greg’s travel agent who happens to be Greg’s ex girlfriend.  But even with all that Jill knows she can find a few minutes to help investigate the murder, after all, she’s good at investigating and sticking her nose in places where they don’t really belong.

But it’s hard to hide questioning all the suspects Jill finds and quite possibly she asked the wrong question to the wrong person because now Jill’s life is in danger, once again.

“Killer Run” by Lynn Cahoon is the fifth in The Tourist Trap Mystery series and it’s just as good as the previous four books. I really enjoy all the characters that live in South Cove. The little town is very inviting with all the little shops and stores that line its streets. I’d move there myself and hang out at Coffee, Books, and More every day.

Since this is a cozy there are parts of it that are predictable. We all know that there will be a dead body, the main character will have her life threatened,  then she’ll help solve the crime, and the best part is that the book will be a fun read. Author Lynn Cahoon does not let us down.

The characters are friendly and easy to like even the not so nice ones like Aunt Jackie’s boyfriend, Josh. But if Aunt Jackie likes him how bad could he be?

Do yourself a favor and visit South Cove, California for a short visit. You’re guaranteed to have fun, visit some nice shops, have a great dinner at Diamond Lille’s, and there’s sure to be a murder. I’ll see you there.

Here’s my review of the fourth book in the series, “Dressed to Kill.”

Paperback, 198 pages
Published August 18th 2015 by Lyrical Underground
ISBN 1601834187 (ISBN13: 9781601834188)
Edition Language English
Series A Tourist Trap Mystery #5


Death by Tea by Alex Erickson

Death by Tea by Alex Erickson

Once again murder has come to the small town of Pine Hills and once again coffee shop/bookstore owner, Krissy Hancock is involved.

The yearly book club competition between Pine Hills and Cherry Valley is going to be held in Krissy’s store because the clubs are reading one of Krissy’s father’s murder mysteries. She isn’t thrilled with it but is kind of happy with all the customers the event will bring to her store.

One of the competition’s organizers, Rita, has a wild crush on Krissy’s dad and has put in a life size cardboard poster of the author in the coffee shop. Rita told Krissy that she usually keeps the poster in her bedroom and that sort of makes Krissy very uncomfortable. The last thing she wants is that poster in her store. So one night she sneaks out of her house, goes to the coffee shop and takes the poster. Krissy wasn’t stealing it exactly, she had every intention of giving it back to Rita but not until the book club competition ended.

The next morning the police come to Krissy’s house and arrest her for a murder. The dead man was found in Krissy’s shop. They knew she left her home late the previous night because her nosy neighbor with good binoculars saw her leave.

But Krissy is shocked. She didn’t kill anyone and when she was in the store that night she didn’t see a dead body. The police tell her that the murdered man was the newest member of Cherry Valley’s book club and he was killed with the silver teapot which is the prize the winning club gets to keep for the year.

Krissy is let out of jail but she knows she’s the prime suspect and the police will arrest her and throw away the key unless she finds out who murdered the club member. So she starts investigating to find out who the real culprit is.

“Death by Tea” by Alex Erickson is the second in the Bookstore Cafe Mystery Series and like the first in the series, “Death by Coffee,” this is very entertaining. Almost all of the characters in the first book appear again and that makes the book comfortable and familiar.

Krissy is still in love with the police chief’s hunky son, Paul, who is also a detective in Pine Hills. But Paul doesn’t seem to be as enamored with Krissy as he once was. Maybe it’s because she keeps interfering with the police department’s investigations or maybe he just lost interest in her. Krissy is going to find out about that.

This book is a fast paced cozy with fun characters and a good story line and there are few little twists in it too. Author Alex Erickson keeps the reader guessing what happened and who the murderer is until the very end.

Spend some time in Pine Hills and treat yourself to some cookies and coffee at Krissy’s store. Maybe even buy a book but whatever you do, don’t join the book club.

Paperback, 320 pages
Published November 24th 2015 by Kensington
ISBN 1617737534 (ISBN13: 9781617737534)
Edition Language English
Series Bookstore Cafe Mystery #2

Death Comes to the Village by Catherine Lloyd

Death Comes to the Village by Catherine Lloyd

Major Robert Kurland went through some nightmarish experiences during the Battle of Waterloo and, unlike many other soldiers at the time, he was lucky enough to return to his home, a small village named Kurland St. Mary. But he had many injuries. His horse fell on him during the battle and fell and seriously injured his legs. After months of healing, the Major still cannot walk and doubts he’ll ever be able to. He is also very depressed and refuses to leave his bed and does not take interest in the village which was named after his family and of which he is the magistrate.

From his window he can see the Rectory where the Rector and his children live. The Major grew up playing with the Rector’s sons and knows the Rector’s oldest daughter, Miss Lucy Harrington. Lucy’s brother, Tom, was the Major’s best friend but Tom died at Waterloo.

When Kurland returned home Lucy helped nurse him back to health and visits him often as her duties as the Rector’s daughter. Lucy’s mother died in childbirth and Lucy now has to care for her four siblings, the two youngest are rowdy twins. She’s also in charge of the household staff, argues with the cook about which foods to cook, watches the staff on laundry day, and also visits the people who live in the parish.

Lucy is afraid that she will never be able to find a husband because her father needs her to stay with him to run the household. At this point, Lucy is in her late 20’s and fears she will be a spinster unlike her younger sister who is beautiful and has many suitors.

One night, Major Kurland had trouble sleeping and thought he saw something odd out his window. It looked like a man was walking by the graveyard holding something large in his hands. The Major tried to get to the window and ended up falling.

The next morning Lucy Harrington paid him a visit and he told her what he saw the previous night. Lucy is concerned too because one of her maids, Mary, has packed her belongings and left the Rectory without telling anyone. No one has heard from Mary or knows where she went. Making matters worse, many of the wealthier homes and businesses in the village have noticed that things have be stolen. Even the Major’s home is missing items.

Major Kurland and Miss Harrington decide that they have to find out who is stealing all the items and find out where Mary is. Lucy is sure the two matters are connected but she doesn’t realize how much danger she is putting herself in. The Major is upset that Lucy has to investigate on her own because he can’t walk. But people know that Major Kurland is suspicious and and might have noticed a thing or two so his life just might be in danger as well.

“Death Comes to the Village” by Catherine Lloyd is the first book in the Kurland St. Mary Mystery series. It’s a very nice, fast reading cozy that surprisingly held my interest.

It’s obvious that there’s a little something something going on between Major Robert Kurland and Lucy Harrington. But Lucy is a proper young lady and the Major is due to marry a young woman so the reader sees the problem but kind of suspects that the problem of the Major’s upcoming nuptials might not play out.

The other characters are the very interesting, especially Lucy’s father the Rector and his relationship with the cook.

Robert has two servants that help him but something appears odd with them. Do they really care about the Major’s health or are they trying to make him worse?

The murder mystery part of the book is pretty good even though you don’t really know if a murder was committed or not until the very end.

I did enjoy “Death Comes to the Village.” It’s a good cozy and I’m looking forward to reading more in this series just to see what happens between Robert and Lucy. They would definitely make an interesting couple.

Paperback, 282 pages
Published November 26th 2013 by Kensington
ISBN 075828733X (ISBN13: 9780758287335)
Edition Language English
Series Kurland St. Mary Mystery #1

A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay

A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay

The Barretts seemed like a regular family. Dad, John, has been out of work for some time and his wife, Sarah, is doing what she can by working at the bank and taking care of her two daughters, 14 year-old Marjorie and 8 year-old, Merry. But something strange is going on. Marjorie is acting weird. She’s telling her little sister scary stories, not that little Merry is afraid but she is concerned with how Marjorie has changed. Her parents are too. John and Sarah think their older daughter is going through some kind of mental breakdown and take her to a psychiatrist. Even with treatment and medication nothing seems to be helping.

John has turned to religion for guidance and asks for help from a local Catholic priest, Father Wanderly. The priest believes that Marjorie is possessed and wants to do an exorcism.

Meanwhile the family cannot pay their bills with just the income that Sarah brings in. But a television station learns about the problem with Marjorie and pays the family to allow them to film their problems for a reality television show.

Things get progressively worse for the Barrett family. Protesters are outside their home calling Marjorie names and Merry is being bullied at school. John and Sarah are being torn apart and constantly argue about how their oldest daughter should be treated. Sarah would prefer that Marjorie keep seeing her psychiatrist but John insists on the exorcism. Sarah eventually agrees with John just to keep peace between them.

When the night of the exorcism arrives the family, the priests, and the television crew are all jammed in Marjorie’s bedroom when bedlam and the real horror begins.

Some 15 years later Merry is now a young adult and is being interviewed by a best selling writer for a book. The interview gets Merry thinking once again about the horror that happened in her home and her life when she was 8 years old.

“A Head Full of Ghosts” by Paul Tremblay is not the kind of book I usually read. Ghost stories and tales about exorcism frighten me. When the movie, “The Exorcist” came out I was terrified to be alone and I didn’t even see the movie. I thought twice about reading this book but decided to give it a go because I read that Stephen King recommended it.

The book wasn’t bad. It held my interest and it was a fast read. There were some frightening moments but the character of little Merry keeps the fear from being too intense. Merry was never really afraid of her sister even though it seemed that Marjorie was doing some scary things to her young sister and was definitely threatening her.

Most, if not all of the story is told through Merry’s eyes and her understanding of what was going on around her. The reader sees things from the 8 year-old Merry and then again through the adult Merry.

The book gets you thinking about possession, the concept of evil, and if things like this can really happen.

I liked, “A Head Full of Ghosts” but would only recommend it to readers who really enjoy reading about this topic.

Hardcover, 286 pages
Published June 2nd 2015 by William Morrow
Original Title A Head Full of Ghosts
ISBN 0062363239 (ISBN13: 9780062363237)
Edition Language English