Marcy Singer left California and fled to Tallulah Falls, Oregon where she opened her craft store, Seven Year Stitch. She was in Oregon just a short time and ran into problems almost immediately. A dead body was found in her store but she helped find the murderer and now she hopes things will go smoothly and police-free. Is that too much to ask for? Well, of course.

Some months have gone by and Marcy has made lots of friends including two men who seem to be interested in her. Things were looking good until one day an elderly lady comes into Seven Year Stitch and asks Marcy to help her find ivy. The woman looks ill and is out of breath so Marcy tells her to sit down and gives her a cup of tea that Marcy just bought at the coffee shop. The woman barely has time to show Marcy a beautiful old embroidery before she collapses and dies.

Marcy calls the police and after they investigate a little they consider Marcy a suspect as a murderer. The older woman was poisoned and the police think Marcy killed the woman with the tea.

Her gut feeling tells Marcy that something is very strange here. Who would want to kill a seemingly very nice older woman and why would the police think Marcy had anything to do with it? The sampler that the woman gave Marcy was an antique and possibly very valuable. And who or what is ivy that the woman asked Marcy to help her find? Is it a specific color of thread or is it a person? An investigation has got to begin and Marcy is determined start it in order to clear her name and to find out what ivy has to do with it.

“Stitch Me Deadly” by Amanda Lee is the second in An Embroidery Mystery series and it’s really good. Tallulah Falls, Oregon is a nice town that I would like to live in myself, minus the dead bodies that seem to pop up in Marcy’s store. The other townsfolk are likable and they all meet at the stitching classes that Marcy holds three times a week.

Another great character is Marcy’s mother, Beverly. She has a great Hollywood job but is always willing, ready, and able to help Marcy get out of a tough jam. And if Beverly happens to hold the interest of a man in Tallulah Falls, all the better.

Then there’s Angus, Marcy’s Irish wolfhound who is available to lick any perpetrator to death.

With the help of  her mom, her dog, and all of Tallulah Falls, Marcy will solve this mystery.

“Stitch Me Deadly” is a fun cozy and easy to get through. You might even get the urge to pick up a piece of embroidery to stitch along with Marcy and her friends.

Paperback, 325 pages

Published February 1st 2011 by Obsidian (first published January 20th 2011)

Original Title: Stitch Me Deadly

ISBN: 0451232518 (ISBN13: 9780451232519)

Edition Language: English

Series: An Embroidery Mystery #2

Setting: Oregon (The United States)


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