Have you ever wondered what it would be like living in the future when the sun is about to give off a helium flash that will destroy all of the planets? What would life be like on Earth then? Where would the human race go when the sun is about to demolish the solar system?

Humans live underground now because the sun is too hot to survive on the surface. The world government has erected engines that will throw Earth out of its orbit and fling the planet into outer space looking for a new sun. It will take hundreds of years to find the new solar system and there are many on Earth who feel that it’s too high a risk to take. They don’t believe that this solar flash will actually happen so why leave the sun’s orbit to find another?

But the scientists and governments know that if the Earth doesn’t leave soon life will not survive.

“The Wandering Earth” by author Liu Cixin is a remarkable short novel about what he thinks would happen. He takes us into a world where fear and death occur everyday. A world where children go to school knowing that daily eruptions happen on the planet that might end their parents lives or their own at any moment. It’s a place where humans can only live underground and some people have never seen sunlight. It’s a place where war might break out between the two factions: one wants Earth to be sent into space and the other doesn’t want this to happen. It’s a world filled with terror especially when the Earth’s last orbit is approaching and the Earth engines will thrust the planet into a new and most likely dangerous journey. Humans are leading a terrifying life but they have no choice.

I’ve read quite a few books by Liu Cixin who is one of the best science fiction writers of our time. His novels easily hold any reader’s interest as he paints a picture of a world he’s masterfully created.

In only 45 pages, “The Wandering Earth” will give you a glimpse of what the future just might hold for humans and all life forms.

This short novel won the 2000 won the China Galaxy Science Fiction Award.

Kindle Edition, 45 pages

Published March 11th 2012 by Beijing Guomi Digital Technology Co., Ltd.


Edition Language English

Other Editions None found


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