After much thought and tears Jenn Christensen left Mackinac Island, Michigan for a new job in Chicago. But she missed the island, her best friend Allie McMurphy, and her boyfriend, CSI tech Shane Carpenter, so much that she returned to visit during Christmas. Jenn was also going to run in a race for charity too but she had a surprise for everyone. She was going to let her friends know that she decided to leave her job and resume her event planning business on Mackinac in a few months when her contract in Chicago was over.

Shortly after she returned Jenn went out jogging to get ready for the race when she found a man dressed as Santa Claus lying in a snow bank. She saw that he was dead and called 911.

When the police came and started asking her questions Jenn was horrified to realize that the police thought that she killed Santa.

When Shane Carpenter, the CSI tech and Jenn’s boyfriend, was called in to investigate he greeted her with a cold shoulder. He didn’t seem happy to see his girlfriend back on the island.

Something strange was going on and Jenn and best friend Allie was going to figure out who killed Santa before the police arrested Jenn. And Jenn had every intention of finding out why Shane was treating her like an acquaintance instead of his girlfriend.

“All I Want For Christmas is Fudge” by Nancy CoCo is a short story based on the Candy Coated series. Usually the series is told from hotel owner/fudge maker Allie McMurphy’s point of view with Jenn being one of the characters but here the reader sees things from Jenn’s eyes with Allie being part of the cast.

The story is nice and all the characters from the series are around including Allie’s cat and cute little dog, Marshmallow.

This is a typical cozy with the death being investigated and solved by someone not part of the police department.

Of course I enjoyed this mini tale by Nancy Coco, after all, I’ve read all the books in the series.

Take a few hours to relax and read this 74 page story. It’s a nice little read for a cold winter’s day sipping some steaming hot cocoa with marshmallows in a mug.

Kindle Edition, 74 pages

Published September 29th 2015 by Kensington


Edition Language English

Series Candy-Coated #3.5


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