Jill Gardner works at Coffee, Books, and More, in South Cove, California. It’s the perfect job for her. She can read, drink coffee, talk with everyone in town, and best of all, she owns it. She’s the boss, no one to be afraid of, except for her Aunt Jackie who lives in the apartment above the store and works there too. But Jill loves her aunt and doesn’t mind too much when Jackie tells her what to do. Then there’s Greg King, South Cove’s hunky police detective who also happens to be Jill’s boyfriend.

Life is just about perfect except for when Greg’s ex wife, Sherry, decides to live and open up a dress shop in town. Jill isn’t jealous of Sherry. Sherry has a new man in her life so she’s staying away from Greg.

But during a dress rehearsal of a play that the dinner club is putting on for charity Sherry’s boyfriend is found dead on the stage. The police determine that he was murdered.

Jill investigates all the murders in South Cove, and there have been a few, so of course she starts looking into this one as well. Greg begs her not to get involved because she tends to get herself into trouble when she starts asking questions. But no matter how much she tries to stay out of it Jill knows she can find out who the killer is.

Greg is no slouch of a police detective and he’s been investigating too and his prime suspect is the dead man’s new girlfriend, Sherry, Greg’s ex wife. Jill, even though she’ll never be Sherry’s friend, isn’t so sure about what Greg believes so the bookstore/coffee shop owner will do some snooping of her own to find the real culprit.

“Dressed to Kill” is author Lynn Cahoon’s fourth novel in A Tourist Trap Mystery Series and it’s really good. I’ve read all the books and find them fun and engaging.

South Cove, California is filled with some interesting folks. One of the more interesting ones is police dispatcher Esmeralda, who is also a psychic. When she isn’t at the police station she’s at home, dressed in a gypsy garb, telling fortunes to tourists who visit the town. Jill doesn’t believe that Esmeralda is really psychic but she does seem to know when something is going on and gives Jill some help with card readings and her crystal ball that gets cloudy when Esmeralda looks into it.

All these wacky, wonderful characters are a part of the series and each book would be lacking without them. Ms. Cahoon makes South Cove a very inviting area where anyone would love to live, drink some coffee and buy a book at Jill’s store, and get a reading from Esmeralda.

If you haven’t visited this tiny town in California take a trip there by reading this series. You’ll love the place even if a dead body pops up every so often. There’s nothing to worry about because Jill Gardner, with a little help from the police department, will keep you safe.   

Published June 23rd 2015
Series A Tourist Trap Mystery #4

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