Would you run a race for a good cause? Jill Gardner, owner of Coffee, Books, and More in South Cove, California has agreed to sponsor a 5k race for a preservation society. She somehow got all her friends and her boyfriend, lead detective of the police department, Greg King, involved. Even her Aunt Jackie and her boyfriend Josh, who weighs close to 400 pounds, will be walking the 5k route for this charitable event.

But like most things in Jill’s life not everything is predictable except for the fact that Jill will discover a dead body and will end up investigating which is exactly what happens.

The dead woman is the wife of the husband and wife team hired to promote the race. Jill met the woman once and didn’t care for her very much but that didn’t mean that she wanted the woman murdered. But somebody wanted to see her die, but who?

Jill decides to investigate even though boyfriend, Greg, has once again told her to let his department find out who the murderer is. But Jill doesn’t have much else to do for the next week. She and Greg were scheduled to go on an Alaskan cruise as a vacation but they had to cancel their vacation plans with this new murder.

Jill does have a full plate during her vacation week even if the trip was postponed for a little while. She wants to fix up her guest bedroom, and of course read books, and Greg asked her to see if she could get a refund for their cruise from Greg’s travel agent who happens to be Greg’s ex girlfriend.  But even with all that Jill knows she can find a few minutes to help investigate the murder, after all, she’s good at investigating and sticking her nose in places where they don’t really belong.

But it’s hard to hide questioning all the suspects Jill finds and quite possibly she asked the wrong question to the wrong person because now Jill’s life is in danger, once again.

“Killer Run” by Lynn Cahoon is the fifth in The Tourist Trap Mystery series and it’s just as good as the previous four books. I really enjoy all the characters that live in South Cove. The little town is very inviting with all the little shops and stores that line its streets. I’d move there myself and hang out at Coffee, Books, and More every day.

Since this is a cozy there are parts of it that are predictable. We all know that there will be a dead body, the main character will have her life threatened,  then she’ll help solve the crime, and the best part is that the book will be a fun read. Author Lynn Cahoon does not let us down.

The characters are friendly and easy to like even the not so nice ones like Aunt Jackie’s boyfriend, Josh. But if Aunt Jackie likes him how bad could he be?

Do yourself a favor and visit South Cove, California for a short visit. You’re guaranteed to have fun, visit some nice shops, have a great dinner at Diamond Lille’s, and there’s sure to be a murder. I’ll see you there.

Here’s my review of the fourth book in the series, “Dressed to Kill.”

Paperback, 198 pages
Published August 18th 2015 by Lyrical Underground
ISBN 1601834187 (ISBN13: 9781601834188)
Edition Language English
Series A Tourist Trap Mystery #5



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