Patricia Anne and Mary Alice are sisters of a particular age. Okay, they’re both in their 60’s and no matter how similar they may be as sisters, individually they couldn’t be more different.

Patricia Anne (Mouse) is small and thin and very likable while Mary Alice (Sister) is over six feet tall, a woman who enjoys her food and looks it, and says anything and everything that comes to her mind no matter how rude it might be. But the sisters are very close no matter how much Patricia Anne’s husband might not like it. As for Mary Alice’s husband, well, she’s been married a few times and all of her husband’s have died mostly because they were each much older than Mary Alice and they left her very rich.

But one thing both sister like to do is to solve murders that happen where they live in Birmingham, Alabama. The fact that Patricia Anne seems to be the person who finds the body only makes things more interesting.

Christmas is quickly approaching and Mary Alice is working at the mall with her newest “boyfriend” as Mrs. Santa to his Santa Claus. One night Mary Alice  convinces Patricia Anne to go to an art gallery exhibition. They have a good time in between their constant arguing but the next day things go downhill when they find out that the owner of the gallery has been killed. The sisters can’t let this murder be solved by officer Bo Peep (yes, that’s her name) alone so the two get involved no matter how much Bo tells them to let the police do their job.

I started reading “Murder on a Bad Hair Day” by Anne George because it was a new series for me so I thought I’d try it. Now it is my new favorite.

The sisters are hysterical as are all of their friends and family. Author Anne George has a great sense of humor and her wonderful characters reflect it. I like the fact that Patricia Anne and Mary Alice are not young “hot” sexy women in their 30’s. The series relies on the fact that the sisters have some years behind them.

The murders are important but most important is how the sisters get along with each other and how they react to all the great friends that are always around to help them put.

This is the second book in the Southern Sisters Mystery Series and well worth the time to read. When you finish one book you’ll be searching for the next one.

Paperback, 256 pages

Published February 6th 2001 by Avon (first published September 1st 1996)

Original Title Murder on a Bad Hair Day: A Southern Sisters Mystery

ISBN 0380780879 (ISBN13: 9780380780877)

Edition Language English

Series Southern Sisters Mystery #2

setting Alabama


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