Most people think that being a librarian is a quiet, boring life. You help people find information, check out books for patrons, read books to children, and other activities like that. It sounds like the perfect job to me except library director Lindsey Norris doesn’t see things that way. For some reason dead bodies keep popping up around her. She’s almost like a dead body magnet to her friends.

Lindsey lives in the small Town of Briar Creek. One of her duties is to deliver books to the residents of the Thumb Islands. Not that she minds taking trips to the different islands. It gives her a chance to be with Sully, her ex boyfriend. Sully drives the boat taxi from Briar Creek to the islands. Sully might be Lindsey’s ex but she definitely feels a little something something when he’s around and she can tell that he feels the same things towards her. Lindsey has a kind of new boyfriend who just happens to be married but he says he’s going to get a divorce. Yeah, we’ve all heard that promise. The new boyfriend is out of town for a few days so Lindsey will think about all of this another day. Meanwhile she’ll be enjoying the boat trip to Star Island with Sully.

Lindsey will be delivering some library books to the Rosen brothers, Peter and Stewart. These two elderly brothers live in a huge Victorian house on Star Island. The brothers are the only inhabitants of Star Island and very few people have ever been invited into their house. They live in seclusion booby trapping the house to make sure no one can break in without getting severely hurt. Talk has it that the brothers are hoarders and their house is filled to the rafters with junk and expensive treasures.

But someone somehow got into their house because when Lindsey and Sully get to the island Stewart, who usually meets them at the dock for the books, is not around. When he doesn’t show up after a time Sully and Lindsey carefully go into the house and discover Peter has been murdered and Stewart is nowhere around.

Peter broke his back years ago trying to save his father’s life during a sailing accident and Stewart took care of him as they got older. It doesn’t sound right that Peter could have been murdered in this booby-trapped house without Stewart knowing about it and not helping. Unless Stewart killed his brother. But why?

Of course Lindsey is told by the Briar Creek police department to leave the investigating to them but what good librarian worth her weight in gold will listen to the police? Not Lindsey. So she, Sully, and her other friends in Briar Creek start their own investigation into Peter’s murder.

“A Likely Story” by Jenn McKinlay is the sixth is this good cozy series. Lindsey is a wonderful character who is likable. She’s surrounded by faithful friends who go out of their way to make sure she’s safe in not only investigating murders but in her personal life as well.

The novel is set in a beautiful area surrounded by water and islands. I’d love to live there myself. There’s also a little romance here. Nothing major, no heaving breasts or anything like that but there is a nice story line dealing with a new love and an older love. I liked that. It made me feel young again.

Author Jenn McKinlay is one of my favorite cozy writers. She writes the Library Lover’s Mysteries and the Cupcake Bakery Mysteries. I am so addicted to the cupcake mysteries that it’s almost embarrassing – almost.

If you’re a cozy lover like me and many of my friends, you have to try any of Ms. McKinlay’s mysteries. You don’t have to read them in order even though it’s best if you do but certainly not necessary.

When you get your copy of the book, grab it or your e-reader and take a trip to Briar Creek and visit Lindsay, Sully, and her friends at the library. Everyone will be there.


Hardcover:  304 pages

Published November 3rd 2015 by Berkley

ISBN: 0425260747 (ISBN13: 9780425260746)

Edition Language: English

Series: Library Lover’s Mystery #6


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