Food blogger and food lover Josie Rizzo has decided to take her boyfriend Tony back to visit their hometown. They plan to admit to her huge family that they are now officially boyfriend and girlfriend. Josie didn’t really want to let the folks know about it yet and neither did Tony, but one of her brothers has a big mouth. Big mouths are good for eating lots of food but, unfortunately, it’s also good for blabbing secrets. So Josie, Tony, and their friend Brad go for a day visit to see what’s going on back home.

Well, lots of things are going on. Josie’s family diner, Sunny Side Up, is doing great. The “breakfast all day” establishment is filled with customers and Josie’s parents, David and Gina, are thrilled. But they aren’t so thrilled with their kids. Gina wants a grandchild and soon so Josie knows that with Tony being her official ”boyfriend” Gina will be pushing them to the alter. Then one of Josie’s brothers comes into the diner introducing everyone to his fiancé. A woman that no one has ever met. Gina is not happy with this recent turn of events.

Oh, and there’s one other thing. A very wealthy man wants to not only buy Sunny Side Up but every other business in the area. He plans to demolish all the businesses and then turn the area into something “high class.” This man is also very intimidating and is threatening people to get his own way.

When Josie, Tony, and Brad somehow get away from her family and go for a walk they hear a man calling for help. They go to him and he explains that he’s a driver and his boss was murdered. All of them go to the dead body as the driver explains that his boss and the boss’s son were having an argument in the car. The father and son then got out. When they didn’t return the driver looked for them and ended up finding the body.

Who is this man? Well, none other than the person who wants to buy up all the businesses. Everyone assumes that the son must have killed his father until the police investigate and determine that the son is innocent. Who could the murderer be? The police have a number one suspect and that suspect is Josie’s father, David! Josie is not going to let her dad go to jail for something he couldn’t and didn’t do so she, Tony, Brad, and the full Rizzo clan set out to find who really done the deed.

“Buttered and Scrambled With Murder” by J R Pearson is the fourth book is this cute cozy series. Readers can’t help but love the Rizzo family with their love of cooking. Mom Gina is a great character because she kind of reminds me of all moms everywhere. All she wants is her children to be married with their own kids and of course to be well-fed. She wonders why this one little request is so hard for her kids to give her.

All of Josie’s brothers have a wonderful relationship with each other and of course with Josie. Dad David is doing is best to survive his family.

And of course there’s Josie and Tony. They’re in love but are taking things slowly, a little too slowly for mom Gina but the couple knows that eventually they will be together.

“Buttered and Scrambled With Murder” has lots of returning characters including Josie’s dog Petey and Tony’s dog Jade. The storyline is good and it has a bit of a twisty ending which makes things interesting. I enjoyed reading about Josie’s newest adventure and looking forward to the next one.

Visit Josie, Tony, and the Rizzo family. Eat some pancakes, kid around with the brothers, let momma Gina spoil you, and have a good time. You’re always guaranteed a good time with this cute series.


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