No one in the world could be happier than Sophia Maxwell and her new husband Will. They are just married and have moved from Massachusetts to Will’s family home in Savannah, Georgia where Will’s mother has invited them to stay in a house she is renovating until the couple finds a home of their own.

Christmas is right around the corner and Sophie loves being involved in all the holiday parties and the beauty of Savannah during this wonderful season. Things seem to be almost perfect to the new bride’s eyes but after a few days Sophie thinks she might not be as welcome in Will’s family as she first believed.

At first Will’s sister appears to embrace Sophie but when Sophie takes some “sisterly” advice from her new sister-in-law she’s embarrassed to discover that this advice has insulted some of her new in-laws. Will gets so angry at her that he refuses to not only tell Sophie what the problem is but also stops speaking to her all together. Making matters worse is that Sophie soon learns that Will’s ex-girlfriend is still trying to get her claws into Will even though he is now a happily married man. At least Sophie hopes Will is happily married.

Will’s ex is no slouch either. She’s beautiful, a successful real estate agent, has a lot of money, and Will has hired her to find a new home for Sophie and himself. That’s way too much contact as far as Sophie is concerned but she’s sure that Will is just trying to be helpful.

Sophie does her best to toss her fears aside and is sure that she and Will will get over their first fight and they will come to an understanding about his ex-girlfriend. She decides to get totally involved with her new job. Sophie was a lawyer in Massachusetts and Will’s father has hired her to work in his law firm along with Will’s step-brother.

Will has to go to Atlanta quite often for his job and the first time he’s gone Sophie opens her wardrobe to change her clothing and a dead body falls out. After making sure that the man really is dead she runs out of the house in shock. The police are called to investigate but they can’t find a body in the house, dead or otherwise. Sophie knows what she saw but her new family and the police think that Sophie is just over-tired from the wedding and her move to the south. Will’s sister-in-law is sure that Sophie saw a ghost. What other place has so many stories of ghosts and hauntings than Savannah, Georgia?

Sophie doesn’t like that no one is taking her seriously about the dead body and she’s still upset about her first argument with new hubby Will so she calls her good friend Faith Fairchild back in Massachusetts. Faith, who has her own worries at the moment, has had her fair share of finding dead bodies and gives Sophie some sound advice about missing bodies and a little counseling on marriage and how to deal with the first argument.

Meanwhile, back in Savannah, things are not getting any better for Sophie. Yes, she’s enjoying all the holiday parties and loves her job and has even made a friend but husband, Will, is traveling more than ever and his ex girlfriend seems to know more about what’s going on with him that Sophie does.

When Will doesn’t return from his latest business trip Sophie becomes terrified especially after making some phone calls and discovers that no one has heard from Will. Is he missing? Did he run off with his ex-girlfriend? Everyone tells her not to worry but Sophie is sure something weird is going on. First a dead man falls out of her wardrobe and mysteriously disappears within minutes and now her husband can’t be located. What is she going to do? She calls Faith Fairchild and asks her for more help.

THE BODY IN THE WARDROBE is the 23rd book in this marvellous series. The Faith Fairchild books are never just a basic who done it with recipes but instead pieces of art. Page knows how to draw readers into the characters and the landscape of the area. Even the included recipes are magical.

In this book she weaves a complex thriller/mystery adding in the beauty of Savannah, Georgia during the merriest of holidays, a sprinkling of human emotions that everyone can relate to, and then puts in a touch of the supernatural.

Like all the books in this series THE BODY IN THE WARDROBE is a joy to read, filled with history, an enchanted city, a good mystery, and of course recipes. This book should not be missed by any lover of cozies.


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