Sleuth Café would like to host a Facebook party for cozy mystery authors and readers on July 19th from 6 pm to 9 pm Eastern time.

Authors, you can giveaway anything you would like (there is no limit; the prize can be as small or as big as you prefer). We will be advertising about the party so if you want us to include your prize please pass it on to us. Please make sure to indicate if the prize will be US only or International.

In your 15 minute spot, the options are limitless – you can host games, ask questions, etc., as long as your focus is on cozy mysteries.

There are 13 spots for the party (15 minutes each author). If you would like a time please pick from below and let us know. In the event of multiple requests for the same time span, we will go with the first person to email with the time requested. The others will be emailed with an alternate time. (

Please note that all prizes and any additional costs, along with shipping the item to the winner(s), are the responsibility of the person giving away the prize. Sleuth Café will not be responsible for providing prizes to winners.

6:00 PM–Annie Kelleher
6:15–Julie Seedorf
6:30— D.E. Ireland
6:45–Patricia Rockwell & Edith Maxwell
7:00 Pm–CC Dragon & Mollie Cox Bryan
7:15–Jeffrey Marks & Mary Ann Carman & Cheryl Hollon
7:30– Lynn Cahoon
7:45–Jenny Kales & Kathi Daley
8:00 PM– J Rochelle Pearson
8:15–Karoline Barrett
8:30–Jane Firebaugh & Maya Corrigan
8:45 — Diane Bator
9 PM–Julie Moffett



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