Newlyweds Heather and Ryan Shepherd are in romantic Italy on their honeymoon. The wedding was beautiful but now all the couple wants to do is relax, start to enjoy their new life together, and of course eat donuts. But things start to run amok from the very beginning.

As Ryan and Heather check into their hotel room Heather sees some beautiful flowers so she goes over to smell them and take a better look. Suddenly a man crashes into her and the flowers and its vase fall on him soaking his suit with water. The man is furious with Heather and demands that she pay for the Armani suit that he says she just ruined. Everyone is trying to calm the man down as Heather and Ryan learn that this is famous Italian actor Gino Ginelli who also lives at the hotel. Gino soon storms out and things go back to normal for the newlyweds.

The next day Police Inspector Matteo Ajello goes to Heather and Ryan’s hotel room and says he has some questions for them. He knows that Heather has had an argument with the Gino Ginelli and informs them that Gino was found murdered by a blow to the head and the couple are now a suspect in his murder.

No one suspects Heather and her law enforcement husband of something so heinous as murder so she does what she does second best, investigate and find the real criminal. The first best thing she does is make donuts.

I really enjoyed reading “Chocolate Tiramisu Murder” by Susan Gillard. It’s filled with great characters some of which are really funny. The hotel maid, Mistico, is the best.

And since no one seems to have cared for Gino, there’s no loss of suspects like Gino’s daughter, Gia, Dante, the hotel’s chef, and Gino’s ex girlfriend Verdi Salsa. The good Police Inspector Matteo Ajello is an amusing character too although not a suspect of course. Each person adds a certain something to the story and some, like Mistico, makes you laugh. I like a little laughter with my murder mysteries.

If you’re a fan of the Donut Hole Cozy Mystery series you know that donuts are a huge part of the stories and donuts work their way in here too. Heather persuaded the hotel management t allow her to use part of their kitchen so she could cook up some of her luscious treats for herself and Ryan.

Author Susan Gillard does on nice job writing these books. She gives readers the facts, doesn’t repeat them a million times, and comes right to the point.

This is a nice series and great for a fast read but you better have some donuts around, preferably strawberry, because you are going to get hungry for them.


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