Donut maker extraordinaire, Heather Janke is in Paris, France with her fiance Ryan Shepherd, and their friends. Heather and Ryan will be getting married in a week and everyone is here at the St. James Hotel for their big engagement party. The hotel is allowing Heather and her assistant, Angelica,  to use the kitchen to make the very special wedding cake. It will be made up of Lemon Chiffon Donuts.

During the party Angelica was in the kitchen whipping up some yummy donuts when the police come storming in demanding that the party must come to an end. Heather and Ryan ask Police Detective Piti Brodoteau what is going on and why their special party has to end. Brodoteau says that one of the guests, news anchor woman, Jane Duvall, has been murdered. She ate a donut in the kitchen and died after eating it. This news was horrible for the couple to hear but then finding out that the police detective say that Heather’s assistant, Angelica, was the main suspect, shocked everyone.

Apparently, Jane went running into the kitchen saying that she needed to have a donut and then died. The police are sure that Angelica put poison in the icing thus killing Jane. Why would Angelica kill Jane? What could the motive possibly be?

Everyone knows that Angelica doesn’t have it in her to kill anyone or anything. But they are soon outraged to learn that the police arrested Angelica and she’s now stuck in a French prison until her trial. Even Dave, Heather’s faithful dog, is upset.

It’s one thing that all of this has ruined Heather and Ryan’s engagement party but sending her assistant to jail is way too much for Heather so she is going to find the killer herself and she’ll do it within the week.

“Lemon Chiffon Murder” is book 8 of this adorable cozy series by Susan Gillard. Once again Heather Janke, soon to be Heather Shepherd, is entangled in a murder mystery that she had nothing to do with.

Surrounded by a cast of great characters including her best pal Amy and her new boyfriend, Kent. Ms. Gillard has a way with names that make readers at least smile, if not giggle aloud. She introduces her fans to the hotel manager, Augustin Pepe Lepeu; Jane’s assistant, Lori Lisalot; and reporter/paparazzo, Roger “Bear” Trapp.

Oh, and there’s lots of evidence pointing to people other than Angelic as the murderer. There’s a cigarette butt by the murder area and Angelica doesn’t smoke but a couple of the other characters do making them prime suspects in Heather’s book. And have no fear, Heather along with Ryan, Amy, and Kent find the real culprit and still have time to make and eat some donuts. I want to hang out with this group.

The Donut Hole Cozy Series is worth the time to read. You don’t have to read them in order because Ms. Gillard gives enough information in each book to fill new readers in on the previous books. They’re all fun, easy page turners, filled with good characters made even better by Susan Gillard’s wonderful sense of humor.

Make friends with Heather and Ryan. One day they might have to help you out of a sticky situation and there will always be yummy donuts to nosh on.


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