With all the problems facing Earth there’s only one place left to go – the sky. The space program has been gone for years but dreamers Gary Morgan, his wife Eva, and their daughter Victoria have plans to resume travel to the stars.

As graduate students, Gary and Eva conceive a plan to get humans back into space. They’ve thought of space elevator and have an ideas on how to get it implemented. With the help of their mentor Erich Rosenberg and billionaire Franklin Smith the couple will do all the research to make this dream a reality even though there are politicians and businesses against them.

As daughter Victoria gets older she becomes a true believer in what her parents need to do to get humanity above the clouds again and somehow get the space elevator into fruition.

“Pillar in the Sky” by William R. Forstchen is not the first book that talks about a space elevator. Kim Stanley Robinson, Arthur C. Clarke, Stephen Baxter, and Terry Pratchett are just a few writers who have mentioned an elevator like this in their books.

The concept of a space elevator was first proposed as far back as 1895, possibly earlier. In fact, a study says that an elevator like this could be built by 2035. This concept has always fascinated me. In a way, the coward that I am would love to go to Mars one day or at least the moon so when I heard about “Pillar in the Sky” I had to read it and find out what William R. Forstchen had to say about this possibility.

The book was filled with science that not surprisingly went way above my head. I tried to pay attention to what was being explained but I kind of kept drifting. The storyline was better. I liked the dynamics between the main characters Gary, Eva, and Victoria Morgan. Their dream was to help humanity and get the world back into space travel. Unfortunately, not everyone agreed with them. Some politicians were afraid that many people would lose their jobs if something like this were allowed to happen, others were afraid of the concept, and others were just naysayers in general.

The three protagonists fought for years to start the program and met with all kinds of problems along the way. Without the help of a few powerful friends they never would have gotten as far as they did. But they constantly had to prove themselves to the world.

Look, I liked this book. I like space travel. I like the idea of going to different planets. I also know this will never happen in my lifetime but I can dream about it and read books by authors who dream about it too.

The main problem I had with this novel was that it was very slow at times. Yeah, the science of it slowed down the reading for me but I guess you have to have the science for people who care about it. To me the slow parts were also the long speeches that the characters gave.

On the other hand the best parts were the space scenes. Now those were great and the pages flew by while I was reading them.

There is some gore, not much, but some gore because accidents do happen in space so it made sense to add in those scenes. I read those areas kind of fast because I’m not a gore-loving type of reader.

“Pillar in the Sky” is a good book if you like the idea of space travel, how to get up there, and the science behind it. If science is above your head, like it is to me, the plot line is interesting but you’ll wish for more of it.

Warning, warning Will Robinson, the novel has 400 pages to it but give it a go if you like the genre.


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