College professor, Peter Mellor is having one bad day. He woke up on a road in front of a car that has obviously been in an accident. He doesn’t know who he is or his name until he finds his driver’s license. It looks like he went through the car’s windshield and has suffered some amnesia but at least he knows his name and address but how can he get home? He doesn’t even know where he is.

Professor Mellor grabs his hat and starts walking until he finds himself at a small college where the security guard recognizes him as a professor. Eventually some other professors, one of which is his good friend, Sam, see him and they all start talking.

Pete tells them of his amnesia and his fellow professors try to help him get some memory back but they can’t do much since they have to guard the nearby graveyard. His friends explain that there has been a zombie pandemic going on and when people die they eventually crawl out of their graves as zombies. The professors sit by the graveyard waiting for the zombies to come back to “life” and then shoot the undead in the brains. That’s the only way to kill a zombie you know.

After watching his first zombie kill Pete goes to the bathroom to clean up the zombie mess that splashed on him. Pete removes his hat and is somewhat surprised to see that the top part of his head is missing. Being a professor he realizes that he’s a zombie, but how? Do zombies talk? Can they think? Are they aware of things? Well, no matter what Pete concluded that he was definitely dead and definitely a zombie.

Sam drives Pete to his girlfriend’s sister’s house where he soon saves the life of one of his girlfriend’s nieces. Not from a zombie but from a human. Pete leaves the house and goes off on his own deciding that his mission in life as an undead will be to only kill and eat the brains of bad people not the good and never hurt any child. Things go well for him with this in mind until he finds out what really happened to his car and how he died and then things change. Pete feels that being a zombie is better than being a human and in his anger has decided to kill whomever he wants, except for children, after all, he does have his morals. Peter’s new life, so to speak, has begun!

“Zombie, Ohio: A Tale of the Undead” by Scott Kenemore is really a good book. It has lots of humor along with the gore and Pete, as a zombie, is rather a good guy, if you kind of don’t dwell on the fact that he does love eating brains. The book tells the tale of a zombie apocalypse from the eyes of zombie.

For those readers who wonder how Pete can be a rational thinking zombie, his friend Sam kind of explained it all. He compared Pete’s zombism to people who get the HIV virus but do not develop Aids. They can give it to others but do not get the disease themselves. Pete is dead and a zombie but can think, speak, and act like a living human. He does look like a zombie, though.

Readers watch as Pete becomes a leader to a huge group of zombies and the zombie that the US Government fears and needs to study the most. It also  shows that within his zombie heart beats (well, maybe not exactly beats) the soul of a good man.

Believe it or not but the book is also a murder/mystery and Pete is out to solve the murder.

This is a great book for zombie lovers but not for the squeamish. Lots of brain eating here not to mention gallons of blood but with it all a really fun read.


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