Do you think being a spy for the CIA is fun? Think of all the dangers you have to go through: other spies shooting at you, stabbing you, and doing whatever they can to kill you. Does that sound like fun? Well, Merry Wrath loved being a spy. She loved the action, the danger, and especially her CIA handler, Riley, although she would never admit that she’s attracted the blond, surfer-like Adonis, but she is.

Unfortunately, Merry was outed as a CIA spy and is no longer part of the agency. Instead of running around different countries chasing after bad guys she’s living in Iowa and she spends her time as a girl scout leader to 14 little girls. He co-leader, Kelly, is also her best friend since childhood. Merry loves being around Kelly again and she loves all the little scouts, kind off. She’s getting used to their screaming and calling her Mrs. Wrath instead of Ms. Wrath like she’s always asking them to do. But being a scout leader is something to do.

But suddenly foreign agents are turning up dead all around Merry. One of them was murdered where the girl scouts were having an outing; another was pushed in front of Merry’s car and she ran him over killing him; and a third agent somehow turned up dead in her house. Then, out of nowhere, her ex handler surfer-hunk Riley shows up with another ex foreign agent, blond bombshell Svetlana,  saying that she has to live with Merry because there are agents coming after her. Why does scout leader, Merry, have to take care of the agent? The two women have met during Merry’s spy days and they do not get along.

What is going on? Merry isn’t with the CIA anymore, why is Riley back in the picture, although Merry doesn’t really mind that, and why are all these foreign agents turning up in her life? Something is very wrong here and Merry’s getting very suspicious. It’s a good thing friend Kelly makes the best tater tot casserole in the world. Food always helps while trying to figure things out.

“Merit Badge Murder” by Leslie Langtry is the first in the Merry Wrath cozy series and it’s a really good book. The relationship between Merry and her friend Kelly is perfect. Both love being with with the little girl scouts and it’s obvious the girls love being with their leaders too.

The spy business is still calling out to Merry and she misses all the excitement although the girl scouts give her a little too much excitement at times. But all the dead foreign agents are starting to her along with Riley being around, and the CIA also back in her life. And living with Svetlana is no joy.

Leslie Langtry and her Merry Wrath books are my newest favorite cozy series. I’m now on the hunt to find the the next two and to read the other series Ms. Langtry writes.

Try this adorable series and see for yourself how much fun spy work can be.


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