Who wouldn’t want to live in Haven Harbor, Maine? It’s a nice, quiet, lovely place, where everyone knows each other. In fact, people know the histories of everyone going back years. Nothing is ever a secret no matter how you try to keep it that way but what are you going to do? Even though everyone is in your business it just stems from love. It’s hard to fault something like that.

Famous actress, Skye West and her son Patrick, decide to buy an old Victorian mansion in Haven Harbor. The house has been closed for 25 years after elderly Mrs. Gardner died. Little kids swear that there’s a ghost that haunts the place. The ghost is supposed to be Jasmine Gardner, Mrs. Gardner’s daughter. In 1970, 17-year-old Jasmine died at the end of the annual end of summer party her parents were giving. Supposedly, Jasmine got drunk, fell and hit her head on the fountain, and died. But her mom was sure that Jasmine was murdered but couldn’t get anyone to believe her.

Now Skye West buys the house, wanting to fix it up, live there, and find out exactly what happened to Jasmine. No one knows why Skye and her son are so interested in the Gardner’s and determined to prove that Jasmine was murdered.

Angie Curtis, manager of Mainely Needlepointers, suddenly gets caught up with the investigation. Skye hired Angie and her friend, antique store owner, Sarah, to look over everything in mansion to decide what can be sold, restored, or thrown away. Angie was also an assistant private investigator before she came home to Haven Harbor so Skye feels Angie is qualified to run the investigation into Jasmine’s death.

But Angie’s life is kind of hectic now. Her 65-year-old grandmother is due to get married in two weeks, she hasn’t bought a dress yet, she has to make a wedding shower for her grandmother, and also has her job to do for the Mainely Needlepointers. Yet, she believes that something is fishy about Jasmine’s death especially when Skye was almost killed when her cup of lemonade was poisoned with arsenic. And, Skye’s son, Patrick, is kind of cute so being around him won’t be too hard.

Angie finds everyone who might have been around for the party where Jasmine died in 1970 and many of the people do remember that event. Everyone tells Angie a little information that she pieces together to find out what happened on the sad day 45 years earlier.

“Threads of Evidence” by Lea Wait is a cute little cozy mystery filled with lots of tips in restoring needlepoint and some recipes at the end of the book. Needlepoint and food – a fine recipe for a cozy.

I do like the books in the Mainely Needlepoint series. The characters are likable and it’s nice to see how they evolve through the course of the books. The storyline is interesting with a bit of a twist.

Author, Lea Wait, has a nice way of combining the years so readers don’t get confused with the past and present. She created a nice town in Haven Harbor and kind of makes it sound like a little piece of heaven, except for murders that is.

Grab your needlepoint and take a peek at this cozy sometime during the summer. You won’t be let down.


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