Heather Shepherd is right where she wants to be, working in her donut shop, Donut Delights. She was showing one of her employees how to make her grandmother’s Lemon Pistachio Glazed Donut when she decided she to get her grandmother’s recipe book out of its hiding place. Heather’s grandmother’s donut recipe book had helped her make Donut Delights the success it was. But her heart sank when she discovered that the book was gone. Someone had stolen it and she knew exactly who it was: Geoff Lawlass! Geoff was in the process of opening his own donut shop, Delightful Donuts, and Heather didn’t put it past him to steal her recipes and she was going to go over to his shop and get her grandmother’s book back.

When she entered Geoff’s still closed shop Heather saw her recipe book. It was in the arms of Jelly Polinsky who was lying dead on the floor. What was Jelly doing here? She worked as a clerk at the local bait and tackle shop. Suddenly Geoff came in thinking that Heather hurt Jelly. It’s a good thing Heather had called the police already. The bad thing is that Heather became the prime suspect in Jelly’s death. No one is going to pin the poor woman’s death on her so Heather and her best friend, Amy, know they are going to have to take matters into their own hands and investigate the murder themselves. It isn’t that Heather didn’t trust Detective Davidson but she would have preferred that her husband, Detective Ryan Shepherd, was investigating instead.

“Lemon Pistachio Glazed Murder” by Susan GIllard is the twelfth book in this delightful cozy series. What I like best about all of the books is that they are fast, easy reads filled with charming characters. How can you not love people who think, eat, and make donuts all day, every day?

The murder is simple and uncomplicated. All the facts are laid out in front of you. The characters are likable. Heather is not only a donut maker but also a private investigator wannabe. She’s actually going to school for it. Amy, Heather’s best friend is always there for backup. And there’s also Dave, Heather’s loyal dog who knows a good donut when he sees one.

The rest of the cast of characters are also wonderful and it’s nice to see how they evolve from book to book.

Every novel in this series is good for a summertime read. Lounge out on a beach towel, in front of a pool, or right beside your fan and visit Heather and her friends and see what donuts they’re serving up next.


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