Nothing good has happened to the world since we last saw civilization at the end of James Patterson’s “Zoo.” If anything the situation is far worse. Our main character, Jackson Oz, is living in the frozen waste land of Greenland along with his wife and son. It’s supposed to be safer there because of the cold but that doesn’t mean Oz and his family aren’t being attacked by polar bears and other cold weather animals.

Just when the attacks seem to be getting the best of Oz and his family he is called back to the United States to help scientists once again find some cure to the animal attacks.

Oz drops his wife and son off in Paris to stay with his in laws while he goes on to help save the human race. As he goes around the world some things are discovered. For instance, the animal attacks have decreased in some places and increased in others. But the worse thing the group has found out is that the disease is now spreading to humans. There are now people who are behaving like their animal counterparts and killing and eating other humans. Most interestingly, the animals are terrified of the new human species.What is going on and will Oz and the rest of his team be able to save the world?

I don’t know the answer to that question but I do know that this 160 page novella isn’t very satisfying. There are places where it drones on, other places that are exciting and a real page turner, and other interesting plot lines are skipped over. For instance, Oz’s wife and son are kind of taken hostage by a group of animal rights activists and some how the American government finds and rescues them. How? Beats me because the book just glides over the explanation. The reader is told what happens we are not a part of it.

It was exciting to read about the animal attacks and how they get into Oz’s in law’s apartment and what happened  then but most of the book is slow with the same old things being rehashed.

“Zoo 2” by James Patterson and Max DiLallo  is just okay in my opinion. I enjoyed “Zoo” much more because it took its time explaining the situation to the reader. I know that “Zoo 2” is not supposed to be a full book but is typical of some of Patterson’s novels, a fast read with not much to it.

I just wonder why it took two people to write it.


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