Many years ago The Colony sent up thousands of spacecrafts filled with “embryos” each genetically engineered to serve a specific purpose for when the spaceship landed on a new, viable planet. Some of the “embryos” were trained to be doctors, some engineers, some psychologists, teachers, scientists, and technicians. These “embryos” were trained on ship for their specific field as they slept. These people were born and would only be allowed to wake up when the ship landed on a planet. And they will be born as teenagers.

Many of the thousands of ships The Colony sent into space found new planets that the inhabitants were to develop. But other ships were aborted by The Colony because the planet they landed on was too dangerous. One of these aborted ships was destroyed by The Colony as it landed but for some reason the abort was canceled and out of over 600 “embryos” only 60 survived. It was up to these teenagers to settle the planet and do what they were trained to do.

But within a week things started to go bad. Some of the teens put themselves in charge of the group which lead to others being killed. Wanting to get away from the violence and tyranny a small group plans to escape from the camp and lead their lives their own way.

As they struggle to survive on this strange new planet they discover why The Colony first decided to abort the ship and why the plans were changed at the last moment.

“Halfway Home” by Hugh Howey is almost like a young adult novel. It can easily be read within a day and it was enjoyable enough, probably more so for a teen than for an adult. I was a little disappointed because I was expecting a story more like his incredible “Silo” series but once I got into “Halfway Home” I appreciated it for what it was.

The story line was interesting and I enjoyed reading about all the strange wildlife Howey dreamed up for this planet. There is a lot of social commentary included but it didn’t bother me although it was a bit obvious.

It’s a nice fast reading science fiction adventure story if you like something written for young adults.


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