Nothing stops a good donut maker/investigator-in-training from solving yet another murder in her hometown of Hillside, Texas and Heather Shepherd is just the donut maker/investigator-in-training to do the job.

Randy Morton, owner of Randy’s Burger Bar, was found strangled with a donut in his mouth. Heather was sure she would be the prime suspect, yet again, but her husband, police Detective Ryan Shepherd, was with her when the murder happened so Heather is in the clear. But Randy’s best friend, Jung, who is also Heather’s assistant in her cupcake bakery business, Donut Delights, isn’t as lucky as Heather. Many people witnessed an argument Jung and Randy had at Randy’s Burger Bar just before the murder and the police are keeping a sharp eye on Jung.

Heather knows that Jung wouldn’t kill anyone or anything and assures him that she’s on the case. Even Ryan knows that Heather will investigate and has kind of asked her to help him with his own police investigation. Along with her best friend Amy, her dog Dave, and 10-year-old Lily Jones, the group is sure to find the real killer to make sure that Jung does not end up in jail.

But there are so many suspects. Randy’s grandmother, who lives above Randy’s Burger Bar, hates her grandson; then there’s Bob, an exterminator from Bob Bug Debunker looking to get rid of a sudden rat infestation; and even Geoff Lawless, who is still sneaking around trying to figure out Heather’s cupcake recipes is on the suspect list. Anyone of these people could have strangled Randy. Heather and Amy even considered Jung for a moment or so but soon convinced themselves that they were wrong. Heather and her friends are determined to help out Jung and put the real criminal behind bars.

“Chocolate Crunch Murder: A Donut Hole Cozy Mystery” is the 15th book is this adorable cozy mystery series by Susan Gillard. The plot lines are cute and very entertaining and all the talk about donuts will make you very hungry for a dozen or two. The novel is short enough so you can read it in one enjoyable day and the characters are so friendly that you like visiting them throughout the series.

Do yourself a favor and pick up any one of the 15 books just be prepared that, like a yummy donut, you’ll be coming back for more.


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