Gilda Wright does love her boyfriend, Mick Williams. She works with him at his Phoenix Martial Arts School and has been by his side through thick and thin. The fact that she has a little crush on weapons instructor, Kane Garrick, doesn’t mean anything, does it? Nah. The fact that Kane has hired a cute girl, Aislin Chadwick, to work at his Healing Spirits Gift Shop, is making Gilda a little angry doesn’t mean anything, does it? After all, it’s Gilda who Kane asked if he should keep the shop or not when his ex girlfriend, also an owner, ended up in jail. But why is she so angry when Kane hired Aislin right after she came in asking for a job without consulting with Gilda first?

Aislin is perfect to work as a sales clerk. She know all about healing crystals, patchouli oil, and everything else the store sells. Not to mention the fact that she’s also a psychic couldn’t hurt sales either.

But things soon turn a little creepy. Aislin is predicting the deaths of people and the predictions are coming true. When Miss Claudia, owner of the fabric store who also wants to get rid of all the stores in the area that are “unwholesome”, is predicted to die and is soon found dead is a little hard for Gilda to swallow. She soon starts to wonder if Aislin is really seeing the future or is she “predicting” what she will be doing in the future. And Gilda is also wondering if her own death will be predicted soon. Uh oh, Gilda decides she better get cracking and find out who the killer is before he or she strikes again and this time at Gilda.

“Life is Better Brunette” by Diane Bator is the third in the Gilda Wright Mysteries series and far better than what I was expecting. I read the second book and didn’t care much for it because it was slow and a little boring at times but this book is far better.

It started out holding my interest by bringing Aislin in right away and how she immediately spotted Gilda’s crush on Kane and did whatever she could to get Kane’s romantic attention to obviously make Gilda jealous. Aislin’s psychic ability was also an interesting twist in this usually bland series.

Gilda is always walking on the beach and finding stray dead bodies, which happens, unsurprisingly, in this book too. It also gets tiresome reading Kane’s fake Australian accent that he uses to attract women. Gida’s attraction to Kane, even though she says she loves boyfriend Mick, is getting boring as well. Choose a man Gilda and let’s get on with it.

There’s also a tendency for this series to be straddling between being in the cozy and chick lit genre. I’m still not sure how these young people have the money to open stores and live in homes with pools but that is typical chick lit.

Not my favorite in a cozy series but “Life is Better Brunette” is good enough with a few interesting and entertaining twists and turns for a summer read on the beach.


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