Things are not going well for Francesca (Franny) Amaro. Her mother recently died causing Franny to quit her job in New York City and move back home to Cape Bay, Massachusetts to run her family’s bakery business, Antonia’s Italian Café. Being back home is making her happy. She spends her days making cappuccinos and baking cupcakes and getting to know her old friends again.

But one day on her way home from the bakery she saw her friend’s father, Mr. Cardosi, sitting on his porch. Franny said hello but when the man didn’t answer her she went over to see if he was sick. It was worse than that, her neighbor was dead.

Franny called the police and after investigating they found out that Mr. Cardosi was murdered. Someone had put poison in his coffee. His son, Matty (Matt) was of course very upset by his father’s murder and Franny, being an old friend of his and having just gone through the loss of her mother, spent time trying to ease Matty’s pain. The two soon became very close friends again.

One night, Franny was thinking about Mr. Cardosi’s murder and started writing down reasons why someone would want to kill the older man. She decided to do her own investigation and with Matty’s help she was sure to find out who the killer was and solve the crime.

But things are never that easy and Franny knew she was getting close to discovering the killer when someone tried to push her down a flight of stairs. The problem was that Fran had no idea what she stumbled on to but she was going to figure it all out even if she had to question everyone in Cape Bay.

I have to say that I was surprised that “Cappuccinos, Cupcakes, and a Corpse” by Harper Lin was one of the best cozies I’ve read. What a joy to read a good story with a great plot and marvelous twists without having to read some story lines that many cozies add. There are no “hunky” men running into Franny; Mike, the policeman in charge of the case actually got angry at Franny when he found out she was investigating and not in a cute way either. Many cozies have the police detectives give the okay for the armature sleuth to continue investigating and even asking for their help. Cozies are one of my favorite genres but there can be a lot to swallow that tastes bitter to me. In this book the police acted the way they really would if a regular person was getting involved in a murder investigation.

Yes, there’s a chance that Franny and Matty might become closer than just good friends but at least they weren’t dreaming about each other and fantasizing about what might eventually happen. This is a solid murder/mystery and Ms. Lin knows how to write a great cozy.

“Cappuccinos, Cupcakes, and a Corpse” has been sitting in a MOBI file on my computer for over a year. I couldn’t open it so there it sat. A couple of weeks ago my cousin told me how I could transfer any file to my Kindle where it would be converted into a book form. Wanting something easy to get involved in I emailed the book to the Kindle last night and finished it this morning. I couldn’t stop reading it.

I had two more books by Harper Lin also in MOBI files on my computer and first thing this morning I transferred both to my Kindle. I plan to grab as many books by Ms. Lin as I can because once I find a good author there’s no getting rid of me until I’ve read all their books. Oh, and there are some recipes at the end of the book if you like to bake.



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