When yet another murder happens in Hillside, Texas, Heather Shepherd’s best friend Amy asks, “Is it just me, or does everyone in this town dies?” It does kind of seem that there are quite a few murders but Heather will soon become a Private Investigator and has a lot of practice solving crime. And she solves them very nicely.

Sisters Karly and Bernadette (Bernie) Belushi just moved to Hillside from Dallas to be near their nephew, Kent Bentley, who also happens to be Amy’s main squeeze. While Bernie is a nice woman Karly can be difficult at times, and difficult is an understatement. She and Amy don’t get along not that Karly really gets along with anyone.

After the sisters had an argument at Heather’s competitor Geoff Lawless’s Delightful Donuts, Bernie is found dead choked to death by one of Geoff’s fudge balls. Not a pleasant way to die.

Geoff thinks that the police will think he murdered the woman and has come to Heather begging for her help. Heather doesn’t like Geoff because he’s always trying to steal her donut recipes from her donut shop Donut Delights but she’s willing to try to help him and investigate Bernie’s death. But she, her husband, Police Detective Ryan Shepherd, and everyone else in Hillside knows that Heather would investigate even if Geoff didn’t ask her to.

Before she knows it, Heather’s suspect list is getting long and it includes Bernie’s sister, Karly, and Bernie’s son, Tiny Tim. Will there ever be a time when Heather’s only problem will be what kind of donuts to create? Probably not and it’s a good thing that she loves investigating murders almost as much and likes making donuts.

“Green Velvet Murder” by Susan Gillard is the 16th book is this very cute series. I have a friend who is addicted to all the books, and maybe I am too. Hillside, Texas is a friendly little community, if you don’t count all the murders. The residents know each other and they show up in all the books to say howdy to all the fans that read about them.

The plot lines are cute even though some will say that they’re repetitive but it’s a cozy series, someone is going to be murdered and someone is going to investigate. I have no problem with that. Isn’t that a definition of a mystery?

The Donut Hole Mystery series, all 16 of them, are easy to read and can be finished in a day or so. Very nice if you want something fun and easy to get involved in. I’m not even going to mention how all the donut talk in the books will get you yearning for a dozen donuts and not share them with anyone.

I’m proud to say I’ve read all 16 of Ms. Gillard’s books and will continue reading them. Sometimes a little cozy is just what the doctor ordered and munching a donut while reading it can’t be all that bad either.



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