Lots of short ghost stories in “20th Century Ghosts” by Joe Hill. We meet a ghost who is haunting a movie theater; a boy who can build hideaways with cardboard boxes where once you crawl in you just might never crawl out; a strange tale where a mom and dad warn their son about not letting the card people find him; an inflatable boy whose parents have to inflate him every so often because he’s a balloon; and lots of other strange tales.

I’ve always liked short stories and author Joe Hill takes after his horror-writer dad, Stephen King, and presents some good ones here. Are they scary, well, yes and no. There’s no gore or anything like that but ghosts do frighten me even though the ghosts in this book aren’t all that bad. The scariest things about the stories is that they make you think about human nature and what you could be hiding from yourself and others. Would you be able to murder someone because they hurt your feelings? And if you could kill them, how would you do it?

If ghost stories and tales that make you wonder and gets you thinking then definitely read this. I’m kind of assuming that if you’re not a fan of horror you wouldn’t ever consider reading Hill anyway.

To my cousin, who doesn’t even like to mention Stephen King’s name, I’d tell her to skip all of Joe Hill’s books too. But if a ghost haunting a movie theater intrigues you then read this anthology.


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