Mable Wickles may be in her mid 60’s but that has never stopped her from investigating all the murders that seem to take place in her hometown of Parson’s Cove. Let’s face it, even Sheriff Reg Smee knows he needs the all the help that this amateure sleuth can give him, not to mention the coffee and baked goods that she brings along.

But this new investigation is kind of personal to Mable. Jakie Flanders, the 40 year old son of Mabel’s best friend Flori Flanders, has been accused of murdering Victor Fleming, Flori’s cousin. According to police, Jakie was seen arguing with Victor, beat him up, and then locked Victor in an ice fishing shack during the coldest days of the year. When Victor’s body was found a few days after a blizzard, Victor was frozen solid.

Mable knows that Jakie had always been in trouble when growing up but since he got married to his second wife he’s been a good family man even if his temper is a bit short. Mable also knows that Jakie is not a murderer and she plans to prove that to the town. But that isn’t going to be easy to do since Jakie refuses to talk to Mabel in his jail cell. He won’t even speak with his mother, Flori, or his dad Jake. If anything, he’s telling everyone to stay away “or else.” “Or else?” Mable does not like to be threatened and knows that there is something else going on and that she’s the one to figure it all out.

She gets the help of Nathan Horne, who works in the post office by day but during his lunch breaks, evening hours, and days off he helps Mable with his trusty computer gaining insights on the many suspects they have in this murder. Even Sheriff Reg Smee is giving information to Mable and Nathan so they can help him find the real killer. Flori is also doing her best to help out. Mable and Flori might both be in their 60’s but they have no problem doing anything at all. These are not “little old ladies.”

The beginning was adorable. Flori has a tendency to cry at the drop of a hat and her family gathered at her home for an intervention to get Flori to stop crying so much. Mable was asked to come because of her friendship with Flori even though Mable has no problems with Flori’s tears. I was pulled into “Frozen Identity” by reading this because it made the characters seem very real not to mention I thought the whole thing about an intervention to have someone stop crying was pretty funny. Having a great start to a story is the best way to get a reader involved in the plot and Ms. Rose did a good job of pulling me in.

There are lots of twists and turns in Mable’s investigation and the pages just fly by as you’re trying to figure out the reason behind Victor’s murder.

This is the first Parson’s Cove mystery that I’ve read and it was a wonderful book. Author Sharon Rose has some well thought-out characters living in this icy, snowy town. “Frozen Identity” will not be the last in the series for me to read. I plan on looking for the rest and enjoying more time in Parson’s Grove.


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