Everyone was having a good time at the Hillside Archery Competition waiting for Heather Shepherd’s friend Jung to show the judges how good he was at the sport and just might possibly win. But the judges weren’t on the field yet and people were wondering what the hold up was.

Heather suddenly sees her husband, Detective Ryan Shepherd, appear on the field and she knew that this meant that a major problem was in the making. And it was a major problem. One of the judges, Kyle Henson, was found murdered, found in the locker room with a carbon arrow in his heart. The killer was obviously an archer but who?

At first Heather was afraid that her friend Jung might be accused because he was falsely accused of a previous murder but there’s no way he killed the judge. Luckily Jung isn’t a suspect because luckily he was at Heather’s bakery, Donut Delights, when the murder occurred.

Heather now plans to take off her baker’s hat and exchange it for her investigator’s hat and find out who murdered the judge and ruined the competition for everyone.

There is  long list of suspects including the dead judge’s wife who he was cheating on and rumor has it that she was cheating on him too. Or it could be the one of the competitors who was the favorite to win the contest and was trained by the judge years earlier. Or it might even be that suspicious looking man that Heather keeps seeing who drives a white Ford Fiesta.

The murderer could be anyone and it isn’t going to be easy for Heather to investigate. Her bakery is being expanded and the construction noise is deafening, she has a ton of online orders she and her crew have to get out, and her Private Investigator’s test is coming up in a week and she wants to study more so she can pass it.

But nothing is going to stop her from finding out who killed the judge and why.

“M&M Surprise Murder” by Susan Gillard is the 17th in her Donut Hole Cozy Mystery series and it’s just as cute as the previous 16 books. Ms. Gillard’s novels all seem to take place within a couple of weeks of each other which means there’s a lot of murder going on in the book’s venue of Hillside, Texas but there’s also a whole lot of donut making too. I’m a real fan of the donut making part.

I do enjoy this long series. Since there are so many and come at a steady pace readers don’t have to try and remember who’s who and what’s what and I like that. These books are like one continuous story.

The characters are friendly and even though the plot lines are like a formula, the formula works. Someone is killed in Hillside, Texas as Heather and her baking crew are creating a new delicious donut; Heather is asked to investigate even though fans know she’ll investigate if she’s asked or not; and her husband, police Detective Ryan Shepherd, will tell her not to investigate even though he wants her help. The stories are simplistic which is not a bad thing at all. I like going into a new book in this series knowing that I’ll be very familiar with all the characters and the area and expecting nothing more than a cute who-dunnit. You don’t always have to read some heavy serious novel, it’s okay to find a lot of fun, easy reading in a book. As far as I’m concerned I read for enjoyment and to take me to someplace outside of my real life.

Reading for enjoyment is exactly what this cozy series is for. Start with the first book in the series so you can see how the characters develop. Reading should be fun and the Donut Hole Cozy Mystery books are a whole lot of fun.


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