There’s always something cooking with Heather Shepherd and I don’t mean the yummy donuts she bakes in her donut shop, Donut Delights. Once again another murder has occurred in her home town of Hillside, Texas and she is back on the job investigating.

Clarissa James, known to her friends and enemies alike as Cheeky, has just opened a nail salon. Heather and her best friend Amy went to the salon to give Cheeky a box of Heather’s newest donut creation, chocolate pomegranate glaze donuts. It’s a good thing they had the tasty treats with them because when they went into the shop Cheeky was sprawled out on the floor, dead. Amy needed to eat some of the donuts to fortify herself. It isn’t everyday that you find a dead body. In Heather’s case it’s about once a week.

Heather called her husband, Detective Ryan Shepherd, to the scene to help her investigate. Yes, Ryan might be the official investigator but everyone in Hillside knows that Heather is the true crime solver. What would Ryan ever do without his wife?

There’s a lot going on in Heather’s life now, her donut shop is still being renovated and she’ll be taking her private investigator’s test in a few days and needs to study in order to become a P.I. But Cheeky was killed and Heather  has to find out who the murderer is. Donuts and studying will have to wait.

Heather investigates and ends up with a long list of suspects. Anyone could be the murderer including Cheeky’s mother, Cheeky’s cousin, or Cheeky’s ex boyfriend who just happened to pop into the nail salon just as Heather and Amy found the body. Coincidence?

Baking, investigating, studying, a woman’s work is never done and Heather will prove that she can do it all as she solves another Hillside murder, bakes her donuts, and hopefully passes her test to finally become a private investigator.

Chocolate Pomegranate Glaze Murder by Susan Gillard is the 18th book in this cute little series. I enjoy reading about Heather’s antics and how her friends help her solve the murders while munching on donuts and this includes Heather’s dog Dave.

There’s nothing like visiting Hillside and watching Heather bake and solve murders at the same time. Maybe the story line in all the books are kind of the same but that’s what makes a good cozy. Fans of this incredible series know that someone will be killed and Heather will find the culprit but it isn’t just about the murder mystery. The books are also about recurring characters that are kind of like your friends. And then there are those donuts that you can try to reproduce yourself if you know how to bake but personally I would rather let Heather do the baking while I do the eating.

Take a look at this cute cozy series and you’ll understand why Ms. Gillard’s fans keep looking for Heather’s newest adventure. I can’t wait for number 19.


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