It’s a good thing that Heather Shepherd, owner of Donut Delights in Hillside, Texas finally got her private investigator’s diploma because another murder has happened in Heather’s town. Now she’s a consultant for the Hillside Police Department and can officially help her husband, Detective Ryan Shepherd, help solve the newest murder.

This case is personal to Heather because her best friend and fellow donut baker at Donut Delights, Amy Givens, is a suspect.

(Charlie) Junior Buckle has been poisoned by a malted milkshake he ordered from Donut Delights and Amy delivered the creamy treat to Junior. The man died a terrible death by drinking the milkshake that was laced with antifreeze. Heather knows that antifreeze is not one of the ingredients to her shakes and she also knows that Amy is not a murderess walking around with antifreeze in her pocket so Heather has every intention of figuring out who killed Junior and why.

Any number of people could have murdered Junior including his girlfriend, Francesca, who was living with him but was now packing her bags with the intention of moving out; Junior’s father who, Heather discovered had plenty of antifreeze and lied to her about not seeing his son; or maybe it was the mystery man who Francesca was seeing and was having an affair with or so rumors implied. The only thing Heather knows for sure is that Amy did not kill Junior.

Investigating this murder is not going to be easy. The renovations of Donut Delights is finally coming to an end and Heather has to prepare for the new opening and she has a huge order for caramel glazed donuts that she has to get out to a gaming convention. A convention that Junior was also going to attend. Is the convention the reason for Junior’s murder? Heather has quite  a lot to think about.

Caramel Glazed Murder: A Donut Hole Cozy Mystery by Susan Gillard is the 19th installment in this donut hole mystery series and like the previous 18 is a fun read.

Once again readers reunite will all the usual residents of Hillside and get a glimpse of what’s going on in their lives as Heather investigates the murder. The book is a fast read with a nice plot and great characters.

Take a couple hours out of your day and settle in with another good donut murder mystery.


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