Hillside, Texas hasn’t seen a murder in a solid week but that wasn’t going to last very long. Murder has been pretty common in this small town so it’s a good thing that Donut Delights bakery owner, Heather Shepherd, has received her private investigator’s diploma and has already helped solve one murder as a consultant to the Hillside Police Department. Little did she suspect that her next murder investigation will be coming up so soon.

Paul Jackson, also known as Quick Paul, has been murdered. He was caught in his office building after it burned to the ground. But then Quick Paul had no idea what was happening because he was drugged before the fire even started and died in the blaze.

Not many people trusted Quick Paul because he did some shady business dealings. He was the master of investment scandals and pyramid schemes and was always on the lookout to grab a fast buck or two. No one seemed all that bothered that Paul was dead but that was not going to stop Heather from working on her second consultant gig to find out who murdered the man.

With the help of her best friend, Amy Givens, she discovers that Paul had meetings with two people scheduled. One was with Jeremy Hill and Hillside’s own Bob from Bob’s Bug Debunker.

Jeremy was pretty calm talking with Heather as she investigated but his wife Katie was pretty mean telling Heather to leave her family alone and the she didn’t want any more trouble.

Bob from Bob’s Bug Debunker seemed fairly calm as well, eating his Cheetos and sharing them with Amy, which is what Bob and Amy usually did. Heather knew there was a reason why Amy didn’t mind going into Bob’s exterminating store.

Heather also spoke with Jeremy’s father, Peter, during her investigation and she also learned some interesting information. Even though Jeremy said that he hadn’t met with Quick Paul apparently they did have some kind of meeting because Paul was financing Paul’s new business product called Diaper Pop. Diaper Pop is a diaper that will pop open when it’s full. Heather wondered if that was really an improved diaper.

Also on Heather’s plate is the upcoming opening of the new and improved Donut Delights within the week. She has to bake enough of her new raspberry mojito donuts for all her customers. There’s also something else that’s on her mind that’s causing her to lose focus on the investigation of Quick Paul’s murder.

Author Susan Gillard has put out another good book in the long Donut Hole Cozy Mystery Series. “Raspberry Mojito Murder” is the 20th novel and just as entertaining as the rest. Ms. Gillard publishes the series so fast that it’s almost like being with these great characters every day. Fans of the series always know what’s going on in Hillside and the people who live there.

The series is fun and you don’t necessarily have read them in order but it’s best that you do. As soon as I finish the latest book I wonder what the next one will be about and always look forward to reading the newest installment.


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