Down in Charleston, 40 some odd year old Catherine Kelley (call her Cat) owns Cat’s Cookies where she sells, well, cookies. Her assistant is 20 some odd year old Lacy who is also Cat’s good friend. But Cat’s best friend and the woman she loves like a mom is 70 year old Beth Walters. Two years earlier Beth gave Cat not only the cookie store but the whole building where she lives in the small apartment above the store with her cat, Oreo.

Things are going good with Cat until Detective Jack Bradshaw walks in one day and tells her that Beth Waters is dead, murdered. He explained that Beth was fishing on the pier at Waterfront Park that morning. Every morning Beth could been seen fishing but that morning someone knocked her on the head and then pushed her into the water.

Cat and Lacy were devastated and went to Beth’s memorial service where they meet Beth’s son Joseph, daughter-in-law Tara, granddaughter and Rachel, and grandson Kevin. The room became quiet when Cat and Lacy walked in then Joseph and Tara started to scream at Cat telling her to leave the premises and that she wasn’t wanted there. But why? She was told that Beth recently changed her will and left her inheritance to Cat and Beth’s family, along with Detective Bradshaw, now thinks that Cat killed Beth to get the money.

This is ridiculous but now the whole town believes that Cat is a murderess including the other fishermen on the pier who adored Beth. Now Cat has to investigate Beth;s murder herself because the police don’t seem to be doing much of anything. At least Cat has Lacy on her side and Beth’s rebellious granddaughter, Rachel.

As she investigates Cat finds out some interesting things. Beth’s daughter-in-law, Tara, hated Beth plus Tara’s in some financial difficulty. Cat overheard her on the phone talking to a “business associate” about some plans that Tara has.

Then Cat sees some strange activity on the per one night. Was that Joseph Walters or his son acting very suspicious there? Something odd was definitely going on.

Anyone could have murdered Beth. It could have been one of the fishermen, one of Beth’s family members, someone in the community, or even that stranger, Jarred Weaver, who’s hanging out at the pier claiming to be a “competitive fisherman” whatever that is. But Cat knows who didn’t kill Beth. Cat didn’t murder her good friend but she will find out who did.

“Chewy Chocolate Chip Murder” by Karen Sullivan is the first in A Cookie Lane Cozy Mystery Series and if this first installment stands true this new series will prove to be a good one.

It’s so refreshing to finally see a main character who’s a little older, not married, and running a thriving business without any help. I also like that Cat, a 40 year old woman is so close to her 20 year old assistant who she also calls a friend.

The plot line is interesting and fast-paced and readers feel close to the characters. “Chewy Chocolate Chip Murder” is a fine new cozy mystery series for all cozy fans.



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