I have to say that this is a beautiful video about a woman wondering around Coney Island in Brooklyn, NY with something bothering her. She meets a man who is a little older than her and ends up confiding in him.

When Marty Novitsky told me about it he said he and his film partner, Uladzimir Taukachou, wanted to show their respect for women.

“A Night With a Stranger” stars Titi Arewa and Marty Novitsky.

The film was nominated for an award at the Coney Island Film Festival 2016. Marty and Uladzimir were just notified that the film was accepted into the 2017 United Kingdom Screen One International Film Festival.

The fantastic aerial cinematography for the film was done by Uladzimir Taukachou. He wears many hats creating his films – Filmmaker, Director of Photography, Editor, Digital Video Production, Aerial, Cinematography, Post Production, Color Correction, Sound Design, Graphic Design, Streaming Media.

For a real treat please look at Uladzimir Taukachou’s website for other films and more of his incredible works.

To see other videos by Marty Novitsky see Marty’s section on my blog.



A Night with a Stranger post card 4x6in (2).jpg




5 thoughts on “A Night With a Stranger – Video by Marty Novitsky and Uladzimir Taukachou

    1. The full video is amazing. The film is up for an award at the Sundance Film Festival. When the festival ends I’ll be able to post the whole video. Thanks for your comment, Susan. 🙂


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