This is a video that my cousin, Marty Novitsky, and his film partner, Uladzimir Taukachou, made about Marty’s uncle, Morris Levitsky (Novitsky). Morris Levtsky was the highest ranking handball referee in the country. Marty and Uladzimir created this video as a tribute to Morris and all the players in Brooklyn, NY who loved him.

To see other videos by Marty Novitsky see Marty’s section on my blog.



2 thoughts on “Handball Hall of Fame – Morris Levitsky (Novitsky) – Award Winning Video by Martin Novitsky and Uladzimir Taukachou

  1. Thank you for a wonderful video, just fabulous. I had the great good fortune to meet your relative Rabbi Abraham Novitsky several times in Brighton Beach, and he always had a few moments to say something life affirming–it always made my day. I see the family magic extends to other amazing family members. What a great story, thank you.


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