Alexandra Anderson is having a bad day. Her dentist is missing, her downstairs neighbor is missing, and her apartment was broken into. Thank goodness nothing of great value was stolen just some old clothes and pictures but why would anyone steal those things? When she called the police they gave her a hard time because she called the emergency number and was told that the break-in was not an emergency. Now she’s trying to figure out just what constitutes an “emergency.”

With any luck Alex hopes that her fortune will change when she goes to the reunion party that her old job at a television station was throwing. It’s going to be a Murder Mystery Party where someone is “killed” and everyone has to figure out who did it and why. Now that sounds like fun.

Things start to go bad at the party as soon as she walks in. Alex was told that she would be one of the team leaders and had to wear a butterfly headband on her head. Not attractive at all. Then her old boyfriend, Jake, walks in with his beautiful wife, Faith. Alex decides to stay clear of them but that’s hard to do when both Jake and Faith were put into her group.

And then there’s that horrible storm raging outside with the river ready to swell over the bridge which might stop her and everyone else from getting home. But the worst thing that’s happening is that people are disappearing. Faith is the first person who vanishes. Husband, Jake is upset and goes looking for her but it’s Alex who finds Faith, dead in the ladies room. Wait a minute, people aren’t really supposed to die at this party. It is just a game, right?

Alex finally gets herself together and runs for help but when she returns with others Faith’s body is gone from the stall with no sign of blood or a struggle to be found. Now everyone at the party thinks Alex is making up the story because she still loves Jake, which is so not true.

One person believes Alex though and that’s hunky cameraman, Sam. Alex and Sam used to work together at the television station and Alex wasn’t interested in all the flirting Sam did with her but that was then and this is now. Sam has filled out and matured quite nicely since the last time they saw each other and Alex is definitely interested in spending more time with the cameraman. It’s a good thing that Sam hasn’t lost his interest in her.

As the very stormy dangerous night progresses other people soon disappear too. Where are they? It’s pouring outside, there’s no place to go, there’s no cell signal to call for help (does constitute as an “emergency” Alex wonders), and for some reason none of the landlines are working either. People are vanishing, some are turning up dead and there’s no place to hide, or is there?

I enjoy books like “Invitation to Murder” by Beth Prentice. Any murder mystery set in a secluded area with some kind of storm raging outside forcing the characters to figure things out for themselves and avoiding the bad guys is right up my alley. I was settling myself into my comfy chair getting excited to read this book but within a few pages my attention started to drift. The party is filled with disaster, murder, and vanishing invitees and all Alex can think about is hunky Sam the cameraman. She looks at his butt, she examines his eyelashes, his strong arms, his curly hair, enough already, Alex. Have you forgotten that people are turning up dead and you are being set up as the murderer? Don’t you care, aren’t angry, afraid, nervous, or is dreaming about Sam really going to save your life?

I can understand all the crying she does but if she kept her eyes open and stopped dreaming about the cameraman migh might be in a better position.

Sam is not the only man Alex admires. She still thinks her old flame, Jake, is good looking and she finds something to stare at with all the young men she spots. Maybe she’s too young and like lots of young people death is nothing more than a word that affects other people and not them.

I was able to roll my eyes enough and ignore all of Alex’s fantasies to continue the novel. On the whole it was pretty good. It had a lots of suspects with lots of running around, with that crazy storm that continued all night. The plot was good with lots of twists and turns although there were places where it did became a little slow.

The end was good and Ms. Prentice did a nice job in neatly explaining everything. I just kind of wish the main character didn’t do so much ogling and crying.


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