So many wonderful things has happened to Heather Shepherd since she married Hillside Police Detective, Ryan Shepherd. She expanded her bakery, Donut Delights, is now an investigative consultant to the police department, and has adopted preteen Lilly. Amy Givens is still her “bestie” and one of her assistants in Donut Delights, and Heather also has some wonderful friends in her town.

One day Heather and Amy took Lilly to the Hillside Museum of Heritage to see the Goose’s Egg. This is a 5 inch gold nugget found south of the Bosque River and weighs about 3 pounds. The Goose Egg is the last significant discovery of gold in Texas and everyone in Hillside wanted to see it.

Henry Boddington, the curator of the museum, has a dream to bring Hillside’s heritage to the forefront of the minds of everyone who lives there.

While Heather, Amy, and Lilly were visiting the museum Heather went to the curator to ask him a few questions about the Goose Egg. As they were talking Sara Hines, a jewelry store owner, interrupted them and started screaming at Henry about a meeting they were to have about the Goose Egg. Henry said that he would meet with Sara later on and the two then went their separate ways leaving Heather with her mouth hanging open.

The next day Heather goes to Donut Delights to welcome her newest baker, Emily Potts. Emily is a quiet person but Heather is sure that she will fit right in with everyone else who works there. But soon Emily’s brother, Jabby Joe, comes storming into the bakery complaining that Emily didn’t make him breakfast and shouldn’t be working. Emily asks her brother to leave and explains that Jabby Joe is “quirky” and she’s been caring for him.

Soon Heather finds out some shocking news. Henry Boddington, the curator of the museum, has been found dead, poisoned, and the golden Goose Egg has been stolen.

Heather is asked by the Hillside Police Department to investigate yet another murder. She and Amy start asking questions of potential suspects. Could the murderer be Sara Hines who Heather saw arguing with Henry; maybe it was Henry’s wife, Kerry; or could it be someone not involved with Henry at all like Emily’s “quirky” brother Jabby Joe?

Have no fear because Heather will find the murderer, with a little help from the Hillside Police Department, and will bring that person to justice.

“Oreo Sprinkled Murder” by Susan Gillard is book 22 of this cute Donut Hole Cozy Mystery series. I’ve read all of them and always find the books interesting and fun to read. Author Susan Gillard has created some well-written characters that readers can identify with and best of all they’re all recurring.

One of my favorite characters is donut lover Eva Schneider who turns up at the beginning of all the books sitting in Donut Delights enjoying Heather’s newest donut creation with a cup of coffee. I think I’d like to see a story featuring Eva. She reminds me of someone – me!

Fans of this enjoyable series love finding out about Heather’s next murder investigation and discovering her newest donut delight. This is a fast-paced, non violent series that everyone would enjoy reading. Do not miss them.
“I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.”



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