Divorce attorney Jamie Quinn, living in Hollywood, Florida, is finally finding herself smiling every so often. Her family law practice is doing well, she has a great boyfriend named Kip, and soon her father will be getting his visa to come to the United States. What could possibly go wrong? Well, since it’s Jamie Quinn we’re talking about, let’s just say everything!

Boyfriend, Kip, is a little bored with his job working as Director of Broward County Parks in Florida and will be going to Australia for three months to work with an environmental scientist to save the Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombats from extinction. For real, Kip? Jamie knows Wombats are cute but cuter than her? So cute that Kip would rather spend time with them than with Jamie? Ugh, men! Jamie can’t even go and visit Kip because she has to be in Nicaragua the next month to be with her dad for his immigration interview. Life is so unfair sometimes.

Jamie might be unhappy with Kip leaving but her law practice is doing quite well, that is until Nan Glasser comes in telling Jamie she wants a divorce from husband, famous big time lawyer, Marvin Glasser. Jamie was Nan’s last choice for a divorce lawyer because Marvin threatened all the previous attorneys from representing his wife. No one knows better than Jamie that she isn’t really qualified and can’t take the case. Jamie does promise Nan that she will try to find her another attorney.

Grace Anderson is Jamie’s best friend and is a great lawyer working at big time law firm. Grace and her firm agree to take on Nan’s divorce as long as Jamie works as Grace’s co-counsel. Every part of her being is telling Jamie not to do it but Nan is willing to pay a lot of money for the divorce so Jamie agrees. She should have listened to herself and turned the case down.

Meanwhile, Jamie’s next door neighbors, Sandy and Mike, have been caring for their little niece, Katie. Katie’s dad and her mom, Sara, who was also Sandy’s twin sister, were killed in an accident when the private airplane they were on crashed a few months earlier. Sandy and Mike want to sue the airline but they’re having a hard time finding out who the owner is and who owned the private plane. Jamie and her Private Investigator pal, Marmaduke Broussard III decide to help Sandy and Mike find the information they need. How hard could this be?

Jamie should have just stayed in bed because somehow Nan’s divorce from her lawyer husband and Mike and Sandy’s wrongful death lawsuit are connected and investigating the two cases is getting very dangerous indeed.

And making things just horrible is that Jamie and bestie Grace had a major argument and aren’t speaking to each other. They communicate through Grace’s assistant.

No best friend, no boyfriend, and going against a hot-shot lawyer who doesn’t want his wife to leave him and believes he’s going to be killed by Russians is way too much for Jamie to handle but cope she will. What else does she have to do, sit in the house with her unappreciative cat?

“Engaged in Danger: A Jamie Quinn Mystery” by Barbara Venkataraman is the fourth in this truly entertaining series.

Everything is thrown in this book; love, hate, Russians, lawyers, threats, bars, humor, picture painting dogs, and cookies! The perfect recipe for fun. Heck, to say that I adored these books would be an understatement. Once I start reading one of them I can’t put it down.

The relationship between Jamie and and all the other characters are near perfection. It’s as if Ms. Venkataraman is writing about herself and the experiences that she’s gone through, although I doubt if the author ever had someone trying to murder her.

The story is top notch and well thought out. The two cases Jamie’s dealing with, the divorce and the wrongful death lawsuit, are complicated with a lot of interweaving of characters and plots. The author could have easily become confused with the jigsaw like pieces causing problems with the timelines and characters and worse yet, readers could be easily confused but that didn’t happen. Not at any point did I ever wonder who a character was and the relationship that character had to others and to the plot itself.

“Engaged in Danger” is a superb novel. I like all the characters and really enjoyed seeing how they’ve evolved and developed from the previous three books. Try this series, I’m sure you’ll agree.

I can’t wait to read other books that Barbara Venkataraman has written.


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