Everyone’s favorite time of year has come to Hillside, Texas. It’s Halloween! Who isn’t looking forward to Trick or Treating, Halloween parties, costumes, lots of candy, and especially donuts from Heather Shepherd’s donut shop, Donut Delights?

Sarah Kenny, the most popular socialite in Hillside, is hosting a party so of course she orders donuts from Heather. Heather and her best pal, Amy Givens, deliverer the donuts to the party. Sarah is not one of the most liked people in Hillside and brags to Heather and Amy about the 10 living rooms she has in her huge house.

As Sarah is inviting the two donut makers to stay for the party Georgia Summers walks into the room. Georgia is a socialite who’s very rich and wants to invest in businesses in the town.

The two women obviously do not like each other and Georgia starts some shady talk to Sarah. She implies that she’s had an affair with Sarah’s husband, is investing in a business with him, and refuses to leave the party saying that she can liven things up.

In a manner of speaking the party, which was very nice to begin with, suddenly became much more interesting when, as Amy and Heather were wandering around the house, tripped over Sarah Kenny’s dead body. Heather immediately called her husband, Police Detective Ryan Shepherd.

After investigating, Ryan tells Heather that there were signs of a struggle on the balcony and on Sarah’s body. There was bruising along the neck area. The woman was definitely killed but by whom?

Georgia Summers is an obvious suspect since she and Sarah argued and seemed to be enemies. But maybe Sarah’s husband murdered her. He was out of town during the party but he could have hired someone to kill her.

Heather and Amy also saw a strange woman lurking around the grounds just after the murder. She was dressed like a maid but was really one of Sarah’s maids or someone in a maid’s costume, and is she the murderer?

Then there’s also Sarah’s teenage daughter, Tatiana, who came right out admitting that she hates her mother and didn’t care that she was killed. James Little, Tatiana’s boyfriend could also have been the culprit. Sarah hated James and didn’t want her daughter seeing him. James had to sneak in and out of the house to see his girlfriend like he snuck in during the Halloween party Sarah threw that night.

And let’s not forget all the guests that were invited to the party that night. Anyone of them could have killed Sarah. Who is the murderer?

Once again the Hillside Police Department has hired Heather to help investigate and help catch the bad guy, or woman.

“Spooky Choc Orange Glazed Murder” is the 23rd installment of A Donut Hole Cozy Mystery  by Susan Gillard and once again readers visit Hillside, Texas and watch as Heather solves another murder in this small, quiet, but kind of dangerous town.

All the residents are in attendance in this murder/mystery including Geoff Lawless, who is trying  to again destroy the reputation of Heather’s donut shop. He says he too wants to study and become a Private Investigator. Geoff is a Heather wannabe!

A new cozy murder mystery in Hillside is always a fun read and author Susan Gillard knows how to show her fans a good time not to mention yummy new donuts. “Spooky Choc Orange Glazed Murder” is yet another winner is this long, enjoyable series.

“I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.”


2 thoughts on “Spooky Choc Orange Glazed Murder: A Donut Hole Cozy Mystery – Book 23 by Susan Gillard

  1. I am totally hooked on Susan Gillard. She writes other cozy series that I’m reading too. Busy lady. I kind of liked it better before Heather got married though..
    Good review Sharon!


    1. Thanks, Johnnie. Now Heather has a husband and a preteen daughter to care for not to mention her P.. work and the donut making. Heather is just as busy as Susan Gillard. 🙂


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