Double Chocolate Pistachio Murder: A Donut Hole Cozy Mystery – Book 27 by Susan Gillard

Double Chocolate Pistachio Murder: A Donut Hole Cozy Mystery – Book 27 by Susan Gillard

Donut maker and bakery owner, Heather Shephard, has just come up with a new donut delight that she calls double chocolate pistachio. Double chocolate and pistachios are a perfect combination and the customers in her bakery, Donut Delights, agree wholeheartedly. But as soon as Heather comes up with a new tasty treat it seems like a new murder happens in her hometown of Hillside, Texas and once again that has happened.

Heather and all the other bakers in town are preparing for The Hillside Annual Bake-Off and her main competitor is none other than Kate Laverne. The two women do not get along and to top it off, Kate’s brother is Geoff Lawless, Heather’s nemesis. But Heather and her best friend and assistant, Amy Givens, plan on beating all the competitors and walking away with the win.

When Heather and Amy take a look at the bake-off site the day before the competition they meet Tina Laurent, a reporter for a news station. Everyone is excited to find out that the competition will be televised. But Tina soon stalks off when she and her cameraman, Mike Martin, get into an argument about the owner of the television network, George Rockwell.

Two hours later Heather learns from her husband, Police Detective Ryan Shepherd, that Tina has been murdered, strangled with her laptop cord, in her hotel room.

Once again the Hillside Police Department asks Heather to help investigate. The first place she goes is to the scene of the crime, the hotel room, where she finds a pearl earring near the edge of the bed. But is it Tina’s earring or someone else’s? Could this be a piece of evidence leading to the killer?

At this moment Heather has two suspects, the cameraman, Mike Martin and the network owner, George Rockwell. But there’s a woman suspect too, Lottie Jameson. Lottie and Tina were old high school friends so why would she kill Tina? For that matter why would the cameraman and the network owner kill the reporter? Heather has some hard investigating to do to bring the murderer to justice.

“Double Chocolate Pistachio Murder” by Susan Gillard is the 27th book in this donut hole cozy mystery series. Like the previous 26 books, this one is very entertaining with an interesting murder. All the characters appear in every book so fans get to find out how their lives are going. We also get to see a personal side of Heather that incorporates her husband Ryan and their young, pre-teen daughter, Lilly, not to mention her donut-loving dog, Dave.

Reading one of these stories is relaxing and a good way to spend a cold, gloomy, day. Pick up a copy of “Double Chocolate Pistachio Murder”and find a comfy couch to relax in and visit Hillside, Texas as Heather solves another murder.

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Iced Pumpkin Murder: A Donut Hole Cozy Mystery by Susan Gillard

Iced Pumpkin Murder: A Donut Hole Cozy Mystery by Susan Gillard

Author Susan Gillard once again takes her fans into Hillside, Texas where bakery owner/private investigator Heather Shepherd is donut deep in yet another murder that she has to solve.

Animal poacher, Jimmy Bob Jones (JB for short), is found dead in his home bitten by a coral snake. But this was no accident. The snake did not somehow find an open hold to crawl into the home, it was put there by someone who stole the snake from the Sunny Hill Pet Store. Needless to say JB had a lot of enemies at Hillside including pet store owner Sofia Lopez, dog show judge Penelope Walsh, and Jamie Perdue who is Sofia’s assistant at the pet store.

While investigating the murder, heather’s husband, Detective Ryan Shepherd found a woman’s footprint by JB’s house. Does this mean a woman is the murderer or a man with a small foot, or any other possibility?

Have no fear, Heather is on the case along with her best friend Amy Givens. If anyone can find the culprit they can.

“Iced Pumpkin Murder” is the 26th book in author Susan Gillard’s donut hole mystery series and this is another good installment. There’s an interesting murder that Heather has to solve and we also see some changes happening with other characters.

Geoff Lawless seems to be trying to help Heather by telling her what his sister is up to but fans might wonder if Geoff has really changed his spots. And is Amy going to end up with a new boyfriend? One never knows.

Life goes on in Hillside, as long as you can stay away from all the murders that happen there. But without them where would Heather be and where would fans of this series be without Heather?

Enjoy this newest novel in this long running series.

“I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.”

Choc Churro Murder: A Donut Hole Cozy Mystery – Book 25 by Susan Gillard

Choc Churro Murder: A Donut Hole Cozy Mystery – Book 25 by Susan Gillard

Donut Delights bakery owner and donut maker, Heather Shepherd, is once again investigating a murder in her hometown of Hillside, Texas.

Kenneth Kenny has had his share of difficulties this year. His wife was murdered, his daughter put in jail, and now someone has shot and killed him in his own home. Not a good year at all.

Heather has once again been hired by the Hillside Police Department as a Private Investigator to help figure out why Kenneth was killed. But she has some problems of her own. Her nemesis, Kate Laverne, is in town. Heather and Kate met when they two lived in New York City where Kate tried to male Heather’s life miserable but why is Kate in Hillside?

Heather soon finds out why Kate has made an appearance in Texas. Kate’s brother is Geoff Lawless, Heather’s donut-making competitor. And Heather soon discovers that Kate and Geoff have another brother, Charles, who is also in Hillside.

Kate has invested in Geoff’s horrible bakery, Delightful Donuts, and wants to do what she can to destroy Heather’s donut business. There are other investors as well: Georgia Summers, Kenneth Kenny’s business partner and best friend, and Kenneth Kenny himself. Heather is starting to wonder if Kate, Geoff, Charles, and Georgia have anything to do with Kenny’s death. Was there some kind of trouble between all the investors?

As Heather and her best friend Amy Givens start to investigate they discover that Kenneth had an argument with one of his investment partners and there are signs that Kenny might have had a relationship with a woman.

Geoff Lawless has been acting strange too. He seems to be almost afraid of his sister Kate and brother Charles. Something weird is going on in Hillside and Heather knows she has to figure out what that is in order to find the murderer.

“Choc Churro Murder” is the 25th book in author Susan Gillard’s Donut Hole Cozy Mystery Series. There’s a reason why this series is so popular. All the books are fun and easy to read, gives fans a nice little mystery to figure out, they’re filled with likable recurring characters, and every book features a new delicious donut. What could be bad?

Every two weeks Ms. Gillard creates a new mystery so there are plenty of books for fans to read during the upcoming winter. Don’t miss out on this nice series.

“I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.”

The Masses Are Asses

The Masses Are Asses

For many years I’ve thoroughly believed that the masses are asses. I would like to take the opportunity and the time out now to thank the American voters for proving my point.

They don’t mind having a President who hates Blacks, Mexicans, Muslims, and women. They don’t mind having a President who preaches hate and tells his supporters that if they hit people he will pay their legal costs. They don’t mind having a President who makes fun of the handicapped and treats women like they’re chattel believing that women like to be fondled, possibly raped, and groped by a famous person like himself.

I’m mostly disappointed in the women who voted for Donald Trump. I’m disappointed that they want a President who has the nerve to dictate to them what they should do with their bodies, as if he has a right to an opinion. I don’t really want to get into the abortion issue but I’m tired of hearing women put down other women about choosing to have an abortion and thinking that the government should take that right away. How would they like it if the President of the United States forced you to have an abortion because you had too many children? Is that his right? Is that any of his business? Is it right for him to threaten to put you in jail if you don’t have an abortion like he said he would jail women who did have an abortion?

It’s the women in this country who embarrass me by saying things like a woman can’t be the President because of hormones. It’s the women in this country who embarrass me by thinking that only a man can run the government or have important jobs because they have that oh so powerful Y gene.

And I’m disappointed in a country who can forgive a man for his trespasses no matter what they are but a woman can never be forgiven for anything.

I saw a post on Facebook this morning, posted by a woman. There was a picture of a man and the post said something like: “This country was made by men wearing denim not criminals in pantsuits.” Really? I hate to say this, and I’m addressing both men and women here: It was “criminals” in pantsuits who fought for women to get the vote! It was “criminals” in pantsuits who fought to have women paid the same amount as men in similar jobs. It was “criminals” in pantsuits who work outside the home and still have to care for the kids, clean the house, and cook meals for the family. And it’s the”criminals” in pantsuits who terrify men! And while we’re talking about criminals, our newly elected President is far from being a saint.

This country was built by both men and women. Best we should all remember that.

I’m not a political person and always tried to stay away from politics but Donald Trump frightens me. He should frighten many of us. Where is this man going to lead us during the next four years?

Mostly, I keep to myself. I read a lot, do my best not to speak to many people, and make sure I pull a book out when I sit on the boardwalk or go on a train just so no one talks to me. Why? Because I can’t tolerate most people. I don’t understand why political leaders and strangers feel they have the right to tell you want to do in your personal life. Who asked you?

I can do without most people because the masses are asses.

Does this blog entry offend you? Unfriend me on Facebook if you like, don’t follow this blog anymore if you like. I’m going to go back into my cave and read some more.

Feel free to post a comment.


Here’s a great article from the Huffington Post. Maybe the masses should read it. I mean REALLY read it.


This is what I  saw on Facebook. Think twice if you’re proud of this statement.


Bird Box by Josh Malerman

Bird Box by Josh Malerman

Something has happened to the world. People are going crazy, attacking others, and eventually killing themselves. The newscasts are telling the population to lock their doors, put blankets over their windows, do not look outside, and if you have to go out wear a blindfold at all times. There are creatures out there. Creatures that when you look at them will make you go mad. Do not let anything into your home. Do not open your eyes!

Malorie has seen her sister kill herself and she suspects her parents met a similar fate and Malorie just found out she’s pregnant. She’s alone in the house she shared with her sister and cannot survive by herself in this blindfolded world. She sees an ad in the newspaper where a man is telling people that they can go to his house. Taking a huge risk, Malorie slowly drives to the house where she finds a small group of survivors doing the best they can do to live and trying to figure out what happened to the world and exactly what these creatures are.

After being there for five years circumstances has forced Malorie to leave the house and find a safe haven that she’s heard about. All she has to do is get to the river and row, and row, and row until she finds the fork in the river and then she’ll be safe. But can Malorie do it blindfolded? Can she do it with just the help of her four year old children? Yes, she can, she has to. But there are so many dangerous things are out there: creatures, wild animals, and crazy, insane people.

“Bird Cage” by Josh Malerman is one scary good book. No zombies, no vampires, no nuclear war, nothing that most dystopian novels talk about. Nothing but creatures. What do they look like? Why don’t they attack? The blindfolded unknown is much more terrifying than any zombie or vampire you can see.

This is a wonderful, scary, horror story. There is a little violence but the frightening part is not knowing what is actually going on. Fear of the unknown is what keeps you reading this excellent novel.

Coffee Treacle Murder: A Donut Hole Cozy Mystery – Book 24 by Susan Gillard

Coffee Treacle Murder: A Donut Hole Cozy Mystery – Book 24 by Susan Gillard

Once again murder has come to the Texas community  of Hillside and Donut Delights bakery owner, Heather Shepherd, is back on the case helping her husband, Detective Ryan Shepherd and the Hillside Police Department catch the bad guy. Since Heather is also a licensed private investigator who else is better equipped to aid law enforcement?

Heather and her bakery and investigating assistant, Amy Givens, are both ready, willing and able to find the culprit.

Heather, Amy, and favorite donut customer, Eva Schneider are bringing some tasty donut treats to the well-deserving nurses at the Hillside Regional Emergency Room when an ambulance rushes in with patient Billy Bolde.

Ryan tells Heather later that day that someone tried to kill Billy by hitting him over the head with a rock hard fudge ball made by Heather’s donut-making competitor, Geoff Lawless. Geoff is now a suspect because he’s nowhere to be found. He hasn’t been to his home and his bakery, Delightful Donuts, is dusty and looks like nothing has been baked there in some time, which really isn’t really a bad thing since Geoff’s pastries are far from tasty.

Geoff soon become a murder suspect when the attempted murder charge changes to murder when Billy is killed in the ICU unit in the hospital. Heather doesn’t have a very high regard for Geoff but in her heart of hearts she doubts if he could actually kill anyone; steal Heather’s donut recipes maybe, but not murder. But as Heather investigates she discovers that there are others who just might have hated Billy enough to sneak into the hospital and finish what they started to do and kill the man right then and there.

Anyone could be the murderer; Billy’s wife, Billy’s sister-in-law, and all the people Billy cheated by taking their money advertising that he could teach them how to become private investigators just by taking his course. One of these people is Jamie Purdue and another is Geoff Lawless. Jamie and Geoff wanted Billy to give them back their money since the course didn’t teach them anything.

Were Jamie and Geoff so angry at being cheated that they killed Billy or is there someone else who wanted him dead? Heather doesn’t know right away but she will keep digging until she finds all the answers including who killed Billy.

“Coffee Treacle Murder” is the 24th book in Susan Gillard’s cute donut hole mystery series. Every couple of weeks Ms. Gillard writes another murder that happens in Hillside, Texas. Residents of the community might not be happy with a death occurring twice a month but guaranteed the author’s fans are always ready to settle in a read about the newest donut hole murder.

All the regular characters show up to eat Heather’s newest donut and watch how she solves the murders even if some of the characters are a suspect from time to time.

This is a fun series to get involved with. These cozies are cute, short, and well written and Susan Gillard creates some luscious donuts to get her reader’s mouth’s watering.

It’s always fun getting comfortable on a couch and reading about the newest murder and donut from this delightful long-running series.

“I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.”