Something has happened to the world. People are going crazy, attacking others, and eventually killing themselves. The newscasts are telling the population to lock their doors, put blankets over their windows, do not look outside, and if you have to go out wear a blindfold at all times. There are creatures out there. Creatures that when you look at them will make you go mad. Do not let anything into your home. Do not open your eyes!

Malorie has seen her sister kill herself and she suspects her parents met a similar fate and Malorie just found out she’s pregnant. She’s alone in the house she shared with her sister and cannot survive by herself in this blindfolded world. She sees an ad in the newspaper where a man is telling people that they can go to his house. Taking a huge risk, Malorie slowly drives to the house where she finds a small group of survivors doing the best they can do to live and trying to figure out what happened to the world and exactly what these creatures are.

After being there for five years circumstances has forced Malorie to leave the house and find a safe haven that she’s heard about. All she has to do is get to the river and row, and row, and row until she finds the fork in the river and then she’ll be safe. But can Malorie do it blindfolded? Can she do it with just the help of her four year old children? Yes, she can, she has to. But there are so many dangerous things are out there: creatures, wild animals, and crazy, insane people.

“Bird Cage” by Josh Malerman is one scary good book. No zombies, no vampires, no nuclear war, nothing that most dystopian novels talk about. Nothing but creatures. What do they look like? Why don’t they attack? The blindfolded unknown is much more terrifying than any zombie or vampire you can see.

This is a wonderful, scary, horror story. There is a little violence but the frightening part is not knowing what is actually going on. Fear of the unknown is what keeps you reading this excellent novel.


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