For many years I’ve thoroughly believed that the masses are asses. I would like to take the opportunity and the time out now to thank the American voters for proving my point.

They don’t mind having a President who hates Blacks, Mexicans, Muslims, and women. They don’t mind having a President who preaches hate and tells his supporters that if they hit people he will pay their legal costs. They don’t mind having a President who makes fun of the handicapped and treats women like they’re chattel believing that women like to be fondled, possibly raped, and groped by a famous person like himself.

I’m mostly disappointed in the women who voted for Donald Trump. I’m disappointed that they want a President who has the nerve to dictate to them what they should do with their bodies, as if he has a right to an opinion. I don’t really want to get into the abortion issue but I’m tired of hearing women put down other women about choosing to have an abortion and thinking that the government should take that right away. How would they like it if the President of the United States forced you to have an abortion because you had too many children? Is that his right? Is that any of his business? Is it right for him to threaten to put you in jail if you don’t have an abortion like he said he would jail women who did have an abortion?

It’s the women in this country who embarrass me by saying things like a woman can’t be the President because of hormones. It’s the women in this country who embarrass me by thinking that only a man can run the government or have important jobs because they have that oh so powerful Y gene.

And I’m disappointed in a country who can forgive a man for his trespasses no matter what they are but a woman can never be forgiven for anything.

I saw a post on Facebook this morning, posted by a woman. There was a picture of a man and the post said something like: “This country was made by men wearing denim not criminals in pantsuits.” Really? I hate to say this, and I’m addressing both men and women here: It was “criminals” in pantsuits who fought for women to get the vote! It was “criminals” in pantsuits who fought to have women paid the same amount as men in similar jobs. It was “criminals” in pantsuits who work outside the home and still have to care for the kids, clean the house, and cook meals for the family. And it’s the”criminals” in pantsuits who terrify men! And while we’re talking about criminals, our newly elected President is far from being a saint.

This country was built by both men and women. Best we should all remember that.

I’m not a political person and always tried to stay away from politics but Donald Trump frightens me. He should frighten many of us. Where is this man going to lead us during the next four years?

Mostly, I keep to myself. I read a lot, do my best not to speak to many people, and make sure I pull a book out when I sit on the boardwalk or go on a train just so no one talks to me. Why? Because I can’t tolerate most people. I don’t understand why political leaders and strangers feel they have the right to tell you want to do in your personal life. Who asked you?

I can do without most people because the masses are asses.

Does this blog entry offend you? Unfriend me on Facebook if you like, don’t follow this blog anymore if you like. I’m going to go back into my cave and read some more.

Feel free to post a comment.


Here’s a great article from the Huffington Post. Maybe the masses should read it. I mean REALLY read it.


This is what I  saw on Facebook. Think twice if you’re proud of this statement.



14 thoughts on “The Masses Are Asses

      1. You have a right to be angry. I just got off the phone with my youngest son who is terribly upset about Trump being elected. I am so glad that my grandson is too little to know that a bully who treats women badly will be president. I truly don’t believe Trump will “ever be” my president. Life goes on, but today it has became a bit more dull.

        As I wrote on my page today: Wrong doesn’t become right, evil doesn’t become good just because it’s accepted by a majority.

        This is a dark day…a shadow is over America.


      2. Well said, Susan, a very dark day. It’s so hard for me to understand why he was elected and how anyone voted for this very dangerous man. Everyone, even his supporters, will lose during the next four years.


    1. The next four years will be terrifying. There’s so much more I want to say. I’m sure you’re far from being a “retard.” I really hate that word. No one is.


      1. People who don’t know you always have something to say and usually what they say is mean. Good for you for getting great grades and showing them that they don’t know what they’re talking about.

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  1. Sharon, well written and well thought out. I am beyond furious at this outcome. I am furious at women and men. Women because they should know better, and men because if you are afraid of a woman with power, you are not truly a man. This nation still has growing pains and this vote surely proves it. You are correct, the masses ARE asses! I am revolting in any way I can. I refuse to call this man my President.


    1. Cathy – I’m with you. He is not my president either. His ban Muslims from the country website is back up and running. Who will he ban next? Who will he kick out next? This is a dangerous man and the masses are asses for electing him into office.


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