Donut Delights bakery owner and donut maker, Heather Shepherd, is once again investigating a murder in her hometown of Hillside, Texas.

Kenneth Kenny has had his share of difficulties this year. His wife was murdered, his daughter put in jail, and now someone has shot and killed him in his own home. Not a good year at all.

Heather has once again been hired by the Hillside Police Department as a Private Investigator to help figure out why Kenneth was killed. But she has some problems of her own. Her nemesis, Kate Laverne, is in town. Heather and Kate met when they two lived in New York City where Kate tried to male Heather’s life miserable but why is Kate in Hillside?

Heather soon finds out why Kate has made an appearance in Texas. Kate’s brother is Geoff Lawless, Heather’s donut-making competitor. And Heather soon discovers that Kate and Geoff have another brother, Charles, who is also in Hillside.

Kate has invested in Geoff’s horrible bakery, Delightful Donuts, and wants to do what she can to destroy Heather’s donut business. There are other investors as well: Georgia Summers, Kenneth Kenny’s business partner and best friend, and Kenneth Kenny himself. Heather is starting to wonder if Kate, Geoff, Charles, and Georgia have anything to do with Kenny’s death. Was there some kind of trouble between all the investors?

As Heather and her best friend Amy Givens start to investigate they discover that Kenneth had an argument with one of his investment partners and there are signs that Kenny might have had a relationship with a woman.

Geoff Lawless has been acting strange too. He seems to be almost afraid of his sister Kate and brother Charles. Something weird is going on in Hillside and Heather knows she has to figure out what that is in order to find the murderer.

“Choc Churro Murder” is the 25th book in author Susan Gillard’s Donut Hole Cozy Mystery Series. There’s a reason why this series is so popular. All the books are fun and easy to read, gives fans a nice little mystery to figure out, they’re filled with likable recurring characters, and every book features a new delicious donut. What could be bad?

Every two weeks Ms. Gillard creates a new mystery so there are plenty of books for fans to read during the upcoming winter. Don’t miss out on this nice series.

“I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.”


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